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Monday, May 30, 2011

Patterns, Horsenalities, Humanalities, and a Plan

Thanks to a wonderful discussion with Parelli Professional Geneviève Benoit, I have a plan to move ahead. I spoke with her about my recent play sessions with the horses. It is not to say that I am not having fun, I have been playing and making progress to some extent but, if I am going to push through some of my own thresholds and get a bit more serious about my assessment, I need a plan and a push. She suggested that I revisit and go through the patterns with the horses. This will give us some needed structure and a plan. I love the idea and actually had been thinking about doing it recently. Having a Parelli Pro tell me to do something I'd already been thinking about is a great way to remind me that I am on the right track and can move forward.

Another thought is about the rain and it making me feel like I've been stuck (much like the winter weather). Well. sitting in pouring rain yesterday for half of the Parelli event, watching people play and ride despite it, made me feel guilty for using it as an excuse. Well. no more, rain of shine, I am going to play!

Just a brief Lola update. We've been playing online and working through emotional thresholds. She seems to get very emotional and defiant when I ask her to play circling game or do the figure eight pattern around something like the barrels. I almost believe at some point in her life, these tasks were done with some kind of undue pressure but I have no way to know and frankly it is irrelevant. In any event, I've been careful to remain in neutral, allow her to have her meltdown and then ask again for the task in a calm but clear manner. This tactic has worked very well and we are making huge leaps of progress. She has been able to work through her issues and I have been able to help her do so without taking her outbursts personally...progress on both our parts! :)

This brings me to the horsenality/humanality part. I have reports for all three horses and myself. Well, this all makes for very interesting reading. I am pleased to report that what I thought to be true is and now, I have even more information to assist me in partnering with my horses! If you have not purchases these reports, what are you waiting for? More to come on this in future posts!

So, in brief the plan is to read the horsenality and humanility reports again, review the patterns, and play!!! I will use these resources, checklists, and gear up for level 3 assessment, this summer (or by fall at the latest). I am also going to try to fit in more Parelli events, even if just to audit. Well, that is the plan and I am sticking to it! :)

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