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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Life Is Short--Wear Your Party Breeches!

Okay, so the title of this post is a shameless play on a book titled, "Life is Short-Wear Your Party Pants," by Loretta LaRoche. However, it was also the inspiration of this post so I decided it was fair game. *grins*

A colleague of mine, a fabulous librarian and wonderfully caring human being, passed along this book to me. As I've written before, I am always working towards never ending self-improvement, that I am consistently working on communication and leadership skills, and that this all transcends into my personal and professional lives. I have a huge stack of books and articles to read on a variety of subjects, many passed along by friends and colleagues, many found in other readings, but my personality was really drawn to this book despite it not being first in the pile. I guess the quirky idea of party pants was the magnet (or perhaps the cute illustrations, LOL.It is a book about bringing happiness to your life, about remembering what is truly important, and that embracing stress rather than dwelling on it may actually bring you joy and freedom (among other things--read the book!). I've only just started reading it and already, found myself compelled to share, I want everyone to read this book, it is truly amazing, simplistic, yet powerful and for me, oh so timely.

As luck would have it, a fellow Parelli enthusiast, Shannon, e-mailed me today about her blog, Seeking Savvy. The reason you ask, well because I inspired her to join Weight Watchers and work on her physical fitness, and she posted my name and blog URL on her blog (OMG-how flattering is that?!). What struck me after feeling excited about my name in print somewhere other than on my own online venues was that she listed her goals, short and long term, very concise, very achievable.

I have had many people tell me how inspired they felt from my stories and ramblings, from seeing me and working with me in person, how my life's journey (or journeys) have inspired them to make significant changes in their lives. Changes related to horsemanship, health and wellness, personal growth and leadership (to mention a few).

So what do the book, the blog, and the comments have in common? Why am I bringing them up? I guess the reason is that I've been struggling with my journey to better health for about a month. I've allowed work stress to affect my life, my eating and exercise habits have suffered, and I have been feeling very guilty and down about it (particularly because I've experiences a few false starts when trying to get back at it 100%).

I was on a total high, doing great, screaming through March like lightening, hit my all time weight loss low, heading towards my 30% loss, and then April hit, things got crazy, and I let my emotions take over my brain (and Reese's became a staple---not good people)! I am not sure why this obstacle rears its ugly head for me, why I cannot seem to just stay the course all of the time. I do take full responsibility for my actions but I must say, it is beyond frustrating (and embarrassing really).

Remembering I am human is truly difficult, especially because I tend to lean into being a perfectionist (a dangerous place to be--I've written about this before). So here I sit, writing about struggling, revealing my secrets, and thankfully, my close friends and husband remind me that despite my recent difficulties, I still have a great deal to be proud of, and that I still have made huge strides in the journey to better health despite this set-back. The problem is, when I am struggling in this area of my life, I start dwelling on those other things I have not accomplished in my life (yet). I start believing ridiculous falsehoods that I am unsuccessful and never will be. Very contrary to reality of course, but my mind just loves to mess with me! I am successful in so many aspects of my life, I am thankful, really I am (successful career, marriage, great home/farm, wonderful critters, and success with horses in PNH, etc.) and frankly, should be grateful, all of the time and shouldn't dwell in the pity party zone.

So, the book is great and helping me understand how to deal with stress in a better manner, that often times what you see is not what you always get (or what reality is), and that life is too short to sweat the small stuff. The blog post reminded me that goal setting works and particularly for me, this task keeps me focused, and finally, actually listening (and believing) what people tell me, means a great deal and that I need to remember and realize what reality is. I love reminders, I know all of these things but right now, reminders are vital--thank you all!

I suppose this post is nothing more than that of mindless ramblings or perhaps a way for me to simply rationalize and move forward. (My apologies for sure.) I do plan to get to my weight loss goal by the end of the year, I do need to manage my emotions and remember that reality is not always what it seems, that I have control over how I react and behave in all situations, and that I cannot compel others to do what I want...all of the time, LOL. I do know that I can reach my horse goals this year as well, but that I must accept the limitations that the weather and my schedule impose (it's called life). And, finally, I affirm that I have a great life, that I am happy, and that I am worth the effort. :)

Keep it natural friends, be savvy, love yourself, love your horses (and other furry and feathered critters), love your friends, love your family, and remember, life is too short, wear your party breeches! BIG HUGS PEOPLE!

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