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Sunday, April 03, 2011

What a wonderful day!

I was a gorgeous day here today with temperatures in he 50'sF. The sun was shining, the wind was a bit much at times but all in all, a beautiful day. Being Sunday, I decided to take some time to rest and gear up for another long and busy week. It all started with sleeping in...yes, I finally slept in until 9am! I couldn't believe it really, I never sleep in but the dogs convinced me to stay in bed this morning. The unfortunate consequence of lots of exercise and probably staying in bed too long this morning was a stiff back. So, I took it easy in he morning and did a little yoga to stretch it out a bit.

By noon, I felt better and ventured outside and walked to the barn to see the horses. I groomed Lola and trimmed her hooves. She is such a nice horse, very sweet and very curious. However, she does have her moments and tries to rule what is going on. Just at the moment that I was thinking the trim was going well, easy, with little to no objections, she started acting up. Rather then feed into her negative energy, I relaxed myself, and remembered that it was not about me. I sat down, massaged the leg of the foot that she was fussing about and she calmed down, I could hear her take a deep breath and a big sigh, then I began working again. She is quite responsive when I ask her move from here to there but did balk a few time, once again, not feeding into the negative energy, I was able to diffuse the situation much faster that in the past. Overall, a good interaction. Afterwards, I played with all three of them, just running around and goofing off really. I need to trim Fosse and Whiskey but, two hours of time with Lola and the boys had passed and I needed to get back to the house.

After having my lunch, I relaxed in the rocking chair. My journal and computer on my lap, I fell asleep almost instantly, Rick kept watching me apparently and retrieved my computer, journal, and pen before they fell. He said I instantly fell asleep! So, he sent me upstairs to take a nap (something I never do). It was great, I woke up two hours later full of energy! So, I decided to take Morgan out for a run. Morgan and I headed towards town, Android in hand, and did walk/run intervals to Zumba music for 45 minutes.We've walk a song, run a song, walk a song, etc. It felt great, our first run of the season! I am much stronger this year and amazed at how fit I truly am. Had you told me last January, when this all started, that I'd this physically fit, much thinner, and happy, I'd have argued to the contrary. It has been hard work but well worth it. I plan to buy a pair of Reebok Run Tones in the next few weeks...I hear they are wonderful. I am running in Asics Nimbus 11's right now and love them! The Reeboks would jsut be in addition to them (thinking about the Nimbus 12's too).

At the Weight Watchers meeting this week, they talked about support networks and weight-loss buddies and such. Well, to me, Morgan is my greatest fitness partner! We have so much fun walking, running, and exploring. She makes working out fun and enjoyable. It is not to say that I don't like to workout without her but, it certainly is more fun with her! (I love exercise.) When we got back to my place, I visited with the horses again and fed them while Morgan was running around, especially in the round pen area--she loves the sand. Afterwards, we headed to the house. Morgan is really tired...she will sleep really well tonight! If you don't have a fitness buddy, consider getting one, a dog, another person your horse, etc. It makes it all so much more enjoyable (and you become even more accountable).


Parelli Central said...

Michelle, just caught up with your blog! I will have to check out your detox challenge.. sounds interesting.... Yup, those rotisserie chicken... I used to buy them until I read the label, YIKES! They make them taste yummy but they're just crap food... Why are they even allowed to sell stuff like that? And then we wonder about increasing health cost...
Another cool link for at risk horses for founder/metabolic issues is www.safergrass.org

Glad to hear you had an enjoyable day. Sending good energy your way!!!

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Hey Petra!!!! Nice to see you here. I have a few other posts that I have not published yet--I've been swamped at work. :)