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Friday, March 11, 2011

Rediscovering the WHY...

I've been pondering the why is several aspects of my life lately. Why did I become a librarian? Why Parelli Natural Horsemanship? Why start the journey to better health? Why did I choose Weight Watchers? Why Cambiati 28-Day Program? Why live in New York? Why was I so lucky to have my soul mate, Rick come into my life? And, so much more. The question why often naturally leads to the other question, why not? I am not sure what has sparked these questions, perhaps my age, perhaps a feeling of mortality, in some cases a feeling of satisfaction and in some, a feeling of needing to make a change. When I think about my time on Earth, it just is not long enough and I sometimes feel like there will never be enough time to do it all.

My path to becoming a librarian was not a straight course, it was not on my radar, but it happened. I believe that it was a great choice, I am well suited for the profession and thrive in what I do. It allows me to enjoy the other aspects of my life. I do believe that moving into an administrative position was important for my career development and to satisfy my need to move up and onward, to always be faced with challenges, and to lead people, programs,and make never-ending progress. I thought I'd be a veterinarian or attorney but, librarian is what happened. The why doesn't matter as much as the why not which is how I got to grad school and now, at the top of my profession.

Why Parelli? If you started reading my blog when it first started, I talked about that. The blog post was called, "The beginning of my journey." It chronicled, in brief, the fact that I'd been involved with horses for most of my life, was severely injured, left the horse world but just could not stay away, saw Pat on TV, and that was that, I was hooked. I don't regret my decision as I believe this does not mean I am perfect or that I get nearly enough time to spend with my horses, I have so much to learn and who knows if I ever will. However, no matter the level of my proficiency, I am a better horse person for it and my horses enjoy a better life having a partner and leader.

I chose the road to better health because frankly it was do or die. It was either lose weight eat right, get fit, be active or become incapable of doing anything horse related and likely get sick, become immobile, and die. You've all read my stops and starts but, I've never given up on myself. I can say that had I been smarter, I'd have never had to go down this road but, I believe I was meant to. For some reason, I needed to learn the lessons of taking care of oneself and so here I am, working really hard at it. Weight Watchers was something introduced to me years ago and I like the structure. Cambiati of course is very new and I feel like it is perfect for me. It is structured, logical, it gives me what WW does not, the knowledge and tools to truly understand what my body needs and know how to listen to it, not just what the mind is secretly telling me to do. WW is good but, they say you can eat anything, that is simply not true, not if you want to be truly healthy and take a holistic approach to your health and well-being. They are endorsing eating healthier choices but are also guilty of providing the public with processed junk food. In any event, I am doing what is best for me, a combination of programs that makes it all work for me.

New York? Well, I was born here, left, and came back - but to a different region. I look at job opportunities not only for the positions but, for the beauty of the area and that is the how/why I've moved around. Virginia was gorgeous and we were there for the time we were meant to be. Where I live now is beautiful (mountains to the east and the river to the west with all kinds of places in between). I don't know if I will stay forever, there are many factors in that, but I do know, for now, I am happy (despite not having "perfect" horse facilities. I am really hooked on the idea of Nova Scotia--never been there, want to vacation there for sure, live there? Who knows, life is too short to say no and, I've checked, there are Parelli people there, a few anyway! I also have a colleague from NS who has family interested in meeting up.

As far as Rick, well we met over twenty years ago, married for love and last year, he asked me to marry him again (and I did). We didn't have a fancy wedding either time and have no regrets. The why is becuase we knew we were meant to be and mark my words, we will be the couple that is married for 80 years (yeah, I was 18, he was 21 when we married--true love birds).

I am not sure where I am going with all of this except to say that asking why is important, especially if you are struggling with an aspect in your life. The WHY is the motivator and if you don't have a good answer, if you lack motivation, you may be on the wrong path. Remembering the why helps people regain focus, make difficult decisions, and allows for moving forward.

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