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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Hallelujah - Embrace Change

Well, I am really happy about today's weigh-in. I lost 12.4 lbs, which means I am at 25% body weight lost yielding a total of 65.4lbs lost. I am also back in Onderland (197.2lbs) and two pounds from my highest loss (that was back in Dec). My short term goal was to get back to 25% off by St. Patrick's Day and I am early! So, I am doing really well, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I don't expect such a big loss again but, I believe that ridding my body and not filling it with toxic foods made a difference and allowed it to release some of the water it was retaining in an attempt to protect my cells. Listening to my body and not just my mind has made a huge difference in so many ways. Cambiati (kam-bee-ah-ti) is an Italian word that means changed (some translate it as to change). As I continue on my journey on the program, today is day 5 (although I did some "pre-detoxing/cleansing" for 3 days prior), I am changed, for the better, and look forward to more change in the future, a change for the better, a change to my lifetime goal of being healthy (and thin) again.

So, is this the same as listening to our horse's body language and signals, understanding his needs rather than just trying to force the horse to do what we want? I think so! This change in horsemanship style or philosophy is needed if we are going to make the world a better place for horses. Being open minded, willing, and honest about what our horses want/need and what we want/need is the first step to facilitate change.

I embrace change in all aspects in my life. Where some fear it, I believe change is a positive step in exploration and the only way to make progress. I guess I am am explorer of sorts, exploring all aspects of my life, seeking never-ending improvement, knowledge, and happiness. I figure I get one chance at a good life and that it is not something I am owed but something I earn. (Now to find a way to go on an exploration of Nova Scotia (see photo above)--a place I truly desire to visit--yes, I still need a vacation). LOL

Have a lovely weekend everyone, go kiss your horse, hug your significant other, and embrace yourself.

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