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Monday, March 14, 2011

Being thankful amidst great tragedy

Image from the NY Daily News.

*To view footage of flooding (not the same flood that is in the photo above) as the Tsunami came in, click on this link (you'll need to be logged into Facebook). Please note, the imagery and sounds are not only breath-taking but, you'll find yourself upset inside and speechless.

It certainly should not take a tragedy like the 8.9 upgraded to 9.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked northern Japan on March 11, 2011, the devastating 33-foot tsunami that followed, explosions and radiation leaks at the nuclear power plant (causing more than 180,000 people to flee), nor the seemingly unrelated but frightening volcanic eruption to the south to make us thankful but sometimes, it is precisely a historic and incredible event like this that shakes a person up, leaving them thinking about life and the true meaning of being thankful. (To date, the death toll is still rising, and is said to most likely be in the tens of thousands.) Did you know that the Island of Japan has moved eight feet from this event? Can you even imagine that?

I don't know that I need to go in depth about all of this, I mean being thankful, it is a no-brainer, right? And, I am certain that if you are reading a natural horsemanship blog, you are a great deal like me. But, I wanted to share here, some of the things I am thankful for. It is not a complete list but a few thoughts that immediately passed through my mind when the horrid natural disaster news came across my television. I hope that you consider, if not here in the comments, somewhere in your life, write down a few of your things to be thankful for, it is a great reminder of just how lucky we are.

I am thankful for...
  • Thankful for my husband and his kind nature, his love, support, and for always being there.
  • Thankful for my beautiful animals, the horses, dogs, and kitty that share my life (and all those you did).
  • Thankful for my family and friends, near and far.
  • Thankful for what I have in life, those material things that make life a bit easier.
  • Thankful to have a wonderful career.
  • Thankful for my health and my life, my mind, and the opportunity to make a difference, even if just in a small way.
  • Thankful for having an abundunce of food and water, and the ability to grow it.
  • And, there is so much more...I am a very fortunate person and need to remember that.
Never again (I hope) will I complain about not having the perfect house, the perfect horse facilities, enough time, enough money, needing a vacation, etc. The people in Japan, at this very moment, are left with nothing but their lives (if they were lucky). They are starving and having difficulty finding the basics (food and water), people are dead all around, everything is gone, in a blink of an eye. My heart is very heavy my friends....Words cannot properly describe any of this or make sense of it, not really. Please, be thankful, show that you care, to your family, your friends, your animals, even to strangers. Be kind, be thoughtful, make connections with those around you, life is too short not to.

Update...Go hug your pets people...life is too short and uncertain. This little dog in Japan (video) won't leave his injured canine companion...*tears*

Update...World Vets Japan Disaster Relief International Aid for Animals

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Update...Brief news from my region of the world, we experienced a 3.7 upgraded to 4.7 magnitude earthquake on March 16th, 2011. I didn't feel this one but, did feel the 5.5 magnitude quake back in June 23, 2010.


Lisa said...

I don't watch the news (no TV reception at my house) and I don't read papers or frequent news websites. I've not seen the magnitude of the devastation in Japan but what I imagine is horrific enough. Much of what you say hit home for me during the floods in Australia - my family narrowly escaped loosing their homes.

A friend of mine posted something on her Facebook page and it has been through my mind on a regular basis. It's a simple question: What if you awoke tomorrow with ONLY that which you were thankful for today?

Somehow this reminds me to be more appreciative and complain less about perceived "lack."

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

As I posted this, thought of Australia and Indonesia were in my mind too...I am glad your family is ok despite losing their homes.

I love your question, it makes me remember how important being thankful EVERYDAY is vital.


Lisa said...

Actually, my Aunty and cousins were lucky in that they did not lose their homes. Unlike the residents of Toowoomba who had no warning when the flash flood hit, my family was evacuated before the water hit their town. By the grace of God, all three of their houses (situated close together) were spared.

A good friend recently lost her house to a fire (around the same time as the floods) and so I have another reminder of gratitude.

We should all be more thankful for the blessings. Even if things could be better, they are pretty darn good right now.