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Friday, February 25, 2011

Sound Asleep

I went out to the barn to feed the horses and Lola was laying in the barn. I thought, hey, let's see if she will stay put when I go in to see her, she did. I was petting her face and delighted that she as not nervous to get up (we did this one other time outside). But this morning, she was breathing heavily and after a bit, I thought it was strange that she didn't get up. I checked and the blanket didn't trap her legs, the horses had hay and plenty of water so I assumed it was not colic (or unlikely anyway). However, when trying to get her up, I had to rock her and kept telling her to move, to get up, and it took several minutes to get her to stir and rise. Well, she got up, started yawning and stretching, walked outside, and stood there. Fosse and Whiskey were hanging around and Fosse was licking me, Lola was just standing, watching. Then, I fed more hay (outside) and viola, she walked over and ate. I guess she was sound asleep, in a very deep state of relaxation, with her eyes open! Whew--scared me to death--I knew I loved her but realized today just how much because I was terribly worried, sad, and terrified for her, and the thought of losing her was devastating. I was also thankful that I'd just gotten paid should the vet need to come and save her. Horses...they just steal your heart don't they?


PeterC said...


I got a vet coming Friday to re-evaluate Sunrise. Not sure what I'm going to do yet. I think that is why I kinda sorta been avoiding the barn lately.

They bring me up and down all at the same time. :/


Lisa said...

Had a similar event with Bleu not too long ago. She was fine when I arrived at the barn but when I went to open the gates, she was laying down in her run. She allowed me to approach and touch her - not normal for us. I got her up and checked her gut sounds - very faint.

All the memories and heartache of losing Moose just washed over me. It was awful.

I called the vet out and he tubed her and gave her some banamine. No colic but definitely off. By the time he left, she was aggressively eating hay so I felt safe going home. Maybe it was nothing but if the money I paid staved off a colic, it was well spent.

I'm not always sure I should keep Bleu but I do love her.