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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Power of Visualization

As I sit here planning for my week, I am listening to a Cambiati coaching session with my laptop and headphones, trying to remain quiet, and keep 5 dogs quiet. Rick has been working overnights and is sleeping. We don't have a bedroom where you can shut a door in our home. We have loft - think log home - we love it this way but it can be complicated. Anyhow, Ti Caudron and her guests are talking about visualization on this session, as a tool to success, particularly to health and life.

This session started my mind remembering how visualization has been such an important tool for success already in my life and that I should be conscious to incorporate it. For me, it is important in all situations and I've used it for job interviews, in preparation for meetings, and even for social events where I had to network. I have used it in my horsemanship, in planning a vacation, and even while on Weight Watchers.

So it has worked and if I want success in my journey to better health, it is a tool I must reincorporate, especially when faced with difficult decisions, situations, and any loss of motivation. I really believe that completing a successful 28 day cleanse/detox as well as getting to my lifetime weight goal are both hinged on using many tools but very importantly, visualization.

It only naturally follows then, that visualization for horsemanship is very important too! I have often visualized things I want to be doing with my horses but sometimes, have found that I never get to the point of doing what I am thinking about (usually because we have to play with the horse that shows up and I always keep my principles before goals). However, when I have done these things, these goals that I've visualized, I've noticed better relaxation, better partnership, and more fun in all of my horse-human interactions.

This year, as I get back to active horsemanship, and gearing up for Level 3 assessment, I plan to use visualization as one of many tools for success. (I also am using it on my journey to better health---of course). On the coaching session, she recommended to choose three words to anchor yourself and to represent the experience you want to have (how you want to feel, the choices you want to make, and who you want to be). Use these words not only during visualization but when you are in the situation you have prepared for. This is a great and easy idea to incorporate. Below are some visualization resources (also known as mental rehearsing) and ideas for you to try out!


The Revolution in Horsemanship: And What It Means to Mankind

Weight Watchers Tools For Living Companion : 8 Ways to Get What You Want

Creative Visualization: From Imagination To Reality - Attracting Success With Mind Power

ZenChill Power Tools

Mental Rehearsing Handout

Installing a new habit and breaking an old one by Dr. Stephanie A. Burns

Visualization - imprinting patterns of success

Weight Watchers Tools For Living

Mental Rehearsal - Can You Ingrain a Skill by Thinking about It?


PeterC said...

Would you be willing to describe what visualization "feels like" or "looks like" to you?

I'll peruse those sites you link to, but I haven't found in book, DVD, or otherwise a good way for me to visualize. Heh, I've even tried to visualize what visualizing would be like...

Just curious if your perspective on it might help...


Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Hi Peter--

To me visualization (mental rehearsing) takes many forms. Here are a few very brief examples that may help to illustrate this tool.

1. Job Interview
For a job interview, I try to pull up images of being with the search committee and how confident I feel, how engaged and strong I am be, because I am prepared. I see myself standing tall, taking a deep breath, and smiling. I see myself shaking hands and being welcomed by the people.

2. Horse Activity
If I want to successfully go around the playground on horseback and trot on a horse that has not done it before. I calm myself by thinking of a positive experience, I can feel the wind in my hair, the muscles of the horse underneath me, I feel us working as one. Once actually in the situation, I mount, deep breath, check the brakes, and remember those images. I ask my horse to move forward with my body, mental images going through my head like a film reel which keeps my energy positive and happy instead of nervous and unconfident.

3. Food Situation
Let's say Rick wants to eat a pizza and I really don't want to because of the unhealthy nature of the pizza in question. I visualize that the taste will be bitter and yucky, and then I mentally bring in the images of people having fat-removal surgery on the TLC shows. I then imagine myself at goal, eating a healthy meal that does not make me feel sick, I feel happy, strong, healthy. This mental visualization instantly makes the pizza unattractive and the idea of eating a healthier choice desirable.

4. Exercise
If I ever feel reluctant to exercise, I instantly start visualizing how athletic I may look (or want to look) and how strong I feel. I put the mental image and feeling of how endorphins make me feel happy for hours and hours, and then I also visualize what a slug I feel like if I don't exercise, bring up images of really obese people I see on TV (like the 600 pound man) and visualize that it could be me if I don't just get up and do something (allowing myself the latitude to just workout for 10 minutes if I really am not engaged and of course working out for as long as I want to should the mood strike me).

Does this help?