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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Horsey Love ♥

I just got back in from a little horse time with Fosse, Whiskey, and Lola. It was just grooming and snuggling (at liberty) but, it was wonderful. They are just so cuddly when I am out there with them. They could be doing anything else but choose to be with me. I am hoping for some warmer days as I need to trim hooves and would love to do some spring cleaning in the barn too. I've got quite a bit of tack to go through and sell (stuff I just never use) and some organization to do (I cannot wait for Rick to get his building and get all of the non-horse stuff out! LOL)

Anyhow, today's experience leaves me thinking that it truly speaks volumes about our relationship. Despite having months off from so-called "official" horse time, they don't hold a grudge, they want to be with me, and they make me feel fabulous. I've been feeling terribly guilty lately, about not spending time with them because of the weather, and today, they made me feel better. I love that about horses. I suspect that all the time I spend with them (when I am not whining about the cold, ice, and snow) is quality and thus, the quantity is not always the most important. Our foundation is strong, our communication is strong, and thus, our relationship is strong. ♥

The point of this short post is that any time you spend with your horse is valuable and adds to the foundation of your relationship. That even if you only can spend five minutes, it is worth it. Don't worry friends, winter is almost over (I think) and we will be back at is 100%! I truly look forward to making progress not only on the property but with my assessments this year. I need to get back at it for sure!

So, stay warm, be savvy, and love your horse. As Pat Parelli says, "Put your heart in your hand and touch your horse with your heart."


Anonymous said...

I'd like to know how many of us go through this every winter or every workalanche or both, and if it's a primarily female experience.

When you say you've had "no horse time" I think you mean "no horse time except for feeding and watering" which means the horses see you at least twice a day and associate you with a joyful activity. I don't think they are nearly as agonized over temporary separations as we are. Especially since they're not going to work or dealing with traffic or anything -- their lives just have more recess and fewer challenges, for a while.

And who knows, maybe the strong bonds we have in spring through fall are as strong as they are because everyone gets a bit of a break over the winter?

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

You are right, I do see them for feeding, some grooming, and watering....lest we not forget about the cleaning time too! But you are right, humans probably feel way more sensitive about the "no play time" issue than the horses! Thaks for the reminder! (You made me feel better.)