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Saturday, January 08, 2011

It's about never giving up...

Whether is is learning a new language (I am learning French by the way), assessing with your horse, running a marathon, trying to lose weight, or doing something else that is important to you, as Winston Churchill said, "Never, Never, Never Give Up!" No matter what, I implore you to keep at it even if you have feelings of failure, sorrow, and guilt. This post is about me not giving up my goal to be healthy and fit not only for myself, but more importantly, for my horses. I share my ups and downs, my intimate and personal triumphs and failures, in the hopes that it will help someone else out there.

I was very happy to be at a Weight Watchers meeting this morning, to see you all of my WW friends, and hear the day's lesson. It is not that the content is new particularily or that there will be an epifanie or anything, it is just that being with like-minded people in a supportive environment helps me (sounds liek the Parelli environment doesn't it?).

I need weekly meetings, for life, to stay on track and we have not had a meeting for weeks, through the holidays (probably the most difficult time of year). Next year, I plan to check in with the Canadian WW Center in Cornwall, Ontario to see if they hold meetings without a break and go there rather than no meetings. Although I am an online member, for whatever reason, I need the additional accountability of an on-person meeting.

So, anyway, despite a SIGNIFICANT holiday gain, I am back at it today, 100% on plan (eating well and exercising like a maniac) and feeling great. In the past, I'd have given up, out of shame avoided the meeting, and well, gained all the weight back. But today, I was brave and determined to take control back! I did well for most of the holiday break but then had a few bad days, and ended with a horrible week that started with indiscriminate eating on New Year's Eve - rookie mistake--and I knew better. I've eaten way too many carbs (mainly refined sugar and wheat stuff both of which make me feel horrible and retain water). I know bad, bad, bad but, all well, it is over! Before going to the meeting, I mentally prepared to cope with the visit to the scale. I didn't cry or get upset, but, laughed--strange reaction. (You can see the stats, look to your left.)

I am not giving up. I will be at my lifetime goal this year. I have a huge bunch of people who say I've inspired them and I cannot let them or myself down. But, I also have to recognize that this is part of the journey just not the fun part! Perhaps this experience can be viewed as a test as to whether I would totally give up (like in the past) or move on. I'm dusting myself off from my fall and tumble down a huge, rocky, mountain, and climbing back up, one step at a time. I am fighting feelings of failure and gearing up for living the lifestyle I love so much...WW. By the way, I never stopped exercising so at least I was still doing something right.

Based on a blog post Petra Christensen made recently at Parelli Central about New Year's resolutions and worksheets by Kathy Pike, a Skills Coach and horsewoman, I did the following exercise as a way to push through this difficult time. (Thanks, Petra and Kathy!)

I release myself from feelings of guilty, self-hatred, loathing, and disappointment. I release myself from thinking about past mistakes, over and over again. I release myself from the prison of perfectionism.

I renew my commitment to myself to eat healthy foods. I renew my vision of hope and reaching lifetime goal this year. I renew my belief that I am worth it and that I can achieve success. I renew my power to exercise and have fun doing it.

I am reclaiming my health and my life. I am reclaiming my power over my choices. I am reclaiming love for myself. I reclaim victory!

So, here's to lifetime butterflies in 2011! ƸӜƷ (Lifetime members get butterfly stickers at WW.) Oh, and for my WW buddies who read my blog, I plan to be the biggest loser this coming week (instead of the biggest pathetic loser like I was this morning, lol) - catch me if you can WW friends! :) HUGS.


Lisa said...

If you haven't read Miguel Ruiz's book, The Four Agreements, I HIGHLY recommend it. I think you'd like it.

I don't know how far you are into your French lessons or how fluent you are but here's a good tip for reinforcing your lessons: read books in French. Not new books, books you already know. Because you know the content and context, it will give you a good feel for how the language really works. When I was brushing up on my French in grad school, I read the Bible in French. Even now, I read directions or package labels just to see how much I remember.

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks for the book title and the French suggestion---great idea! I am a total beginner but, hopefully, someday, I'll be fluent.

Saffy-on behalf of Casper, Silver and Angel said...

Hey thankyou. Cos this is exactly what I am struggling with.

Keeping up till the end, not being slack, not backing down, not defineitly never quitting. I have been having a hard time, but God is stronger...

Thankyou again.

1 reason why horses are so amazing,
they inspire to to keep going, my horse Casper constantly is telling me come on i will play a bit hard to get, to see if you really wnat to caatch me or really want me in a canter or 'do u really love me',

i do Casper....
I do God,

Life has to have its ups and downs otherwise it couldnt be life....

Please keep encouraging me, send me your horse stories by replying to my comments or something..

Cos its so easy to give up, especially with jhorses, but impossible to say ggod bye. and i wont be able to the 2nd, but i dont even want to be guilty of thinking the first...


horsegirlonajourney.com said...

I agree - we recently discovered The Four Agreements out here. Ruiz puts into words some very simple philosophies that are nevertheless not easy to implement ... but what we've been able to do has already changed our lives (for the better!).

I think the winter weight gain (or whatever else one might judge as "bad, bad, bad") is really more like real life. The pendulum swings sometimes. And you're right, rather than give up and say "I can never do this/I always give up," it's possible just to go "huh! a byproduct of all that other stuff I did last month is that I gained some weight!" and then move on with life, shifting back to your regular eating and exercising. And the byproduct of that will be to lose weight again. LOL

BTW, speaking of inspiration ...I've started Zumba-ing and taking that 'next step' in reclaiming my life. My sister has been a certified instructor for years but I kept thinking I can't go to someone else's class -- but duh, I can't drive a 4 hour round trip for a Zumba class, either...LOL. There's one down the road from me and I'm doing it on Mondays for now. Yay!