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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Impromptu Horse Play - The Best!

I have to say that the most fun I had today was the impromptu liberty session, in the blowing snow, with my three horses, initiated by Fosse, and ending with horse kisses and peppermint candies for all! ♥ It is amazing how a simple gesture or look is easily understood now. The opportunities that can happen if we just pay attention, if we just give up a few moments in our busy lives, the things we miss if we don't.

My business at the barn today was to haul water, clean the barn, and feed. The horses hung out with me throughout the time I was working when they certainly could have been elsewhere. When I was finished, I walked outside to retrieve feed pans. I tossed them over the fence and there was Fosse. Not looking for a handout but, for me to play. He and I do some intense playtime that includes running and rearing, backing, approach and retreat,basically the works (and no food incentives). He also initiates kisses and over to lock my face. I just adore him! And, of course, Lola and Whiskey were with us, they'd play a bit and they'd respond but overall I think they were looking for handouts (for which I had none). Fosse's play drive is different form theirs--which is fine. He and I just happen to share the same, high level of energy! The four of us played and had fun together despite the snow blowing and the temperature in the twenties.

I recall the old days, before Parelli, and I cannot imagine ever knowing that a horse could play or be so engaged with me. I truly believe that in the old days of "normal" horsemanship, I just looked at the horses as cute creatures that I could ride around. Now, I see so much more and understand how important the relationship I have with my horses is. I understand why and how they are way more than riding and am thankful for this knowledge. The time spent is so rewarding and the value of our interactions, priceless. Thanks Pat and Linda!


Phyllis said...

My name is Phyllis Waltman and I have just published a photographic story of a wild mustang family in northern Wyoming on BLM land entitled 'Sunny Boy and Little Sunny'. The book is about the first day in the life of a wild mustang baby. This is a wonderful story inspired by my first hand experience with a wild mustang herd. To see excerpts from the book check out my website at www.artforthehorselover.com. Thanks! Phyllis Waltman

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Hi Phyllis, thanks for reading and telling me about your book.