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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weekly Task Challenge: Water and Winter!

If you don't know what to do, have little time, or just feeling stuck, try the weekly task as a way to at least do something with your horse! (It just may motivate you to do more!)

For those of you in northern hemisphere and the colder climates, freezing water tanks and buckets is just par for the course during this time of year. However, our horses need access to fresh water, 24/7! This week's challenge is to make a plan on how to cope with this recurring issue. Some ideas include using a water tank heater, heated bucket, insulate your tanks, and buckets, build or buy something solar-powered, or even one of those fancy waterers! Comment here and share what you do to cope. I've listed a link to some solar power ideas--very cool ideas (thanks, Tenley). Heating Water for Animals (Solar)


Lyme Beast said...

For winter, I use a very large outside trough that has a heater. It is very close to the house so I get power that way. It means shuffling the all the mares together, but hey.

As I am going to have the girls pretty much stall kept after Turkey Break, my handyman boyfriend is going to run water to the converted garge-barn. If we end up doing something else, it is still only a matter of steps to open the kitchen window and have warm water in the girls' buckets.

I really think the winter solution is to have the horses as close as possible to reduce the workload!!

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

I also use a large water trough with a heater but we have it in the barn (the horses can run in and out at their leisure). For the winter months, we pile shavings around the water trough and cover the top 3/4 of the way with plywood to keep the heat in and securing the heater at one end of the trough. It has worked very well. To get the water there, we have a water tank that goes on the back of the pick-up and we have to fill it with a hose from inside the house, a bit of a pain but, we have a system and so works well for now. In the future, I have to dig a new well for the barn.