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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Longing for my horse friends...

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Well, it is Sunday, getting dark out, and here I sit in the house thinking about you all, my horses friends, and my horses. Since moving to NY, I truly feel like I am in the lonely barn (despite the Canadian group I am a member of) and it is a very difficult place to be because I am a social creature! I find my schedule to be extremely busy and I find it difficult to fit in everything, and most especially, fitting the horses in to the degree that I want (like the old days) has been very difficult. I often wonder if I found a horse buddy (like the one I had in VA--you know who you are, Clare--I miss you terribly) if I'd be doing more? It is hard to say, I would still be busy but, sometimes having a friend to share the fun with makes it easier to schedule. The few horse friends I've found are really busy and do their own thing--and I am truly looking for a PNHr because we can study and learn together. Rick tells me to be patient and to remember that moving and settling in takes time, and sometimes a long time (years), and that my new position (career) truly takes much more of my time, we started from scratch here on the property and it is coming along, etc. etc. You get the idea. The left-brained, logical side of my brain understands this, the right-side of my brain feels restless and frustrated. There is never enough time, money, and the like is there?
*sigh* C'est la vie!

In any event, I did check the Eastern Ontario group's message board and posted, I checked the calendar,and have offered to open my home and library to folks should they want to get together. There is truly nothing else I can do I guess. I hope to make a connection with horse friends, old and new, again soon...I am in need for a horse friend fix! (Clare, you just have to move up here with Guiness, ok?!)


PeterC said...

Gosh Michelle, you always seem to be doing so much with so many people!

I saw your messages in the Horse meetup group but honestly haven't even sat down on my computer for very long lately!

Part of it is the Sept. crush and fall madness that always seems to hit. In the last 5 days I've spent about 2 hours with my girls and it is hurting! I miss them so.

It has taken me about 5 years to start to fit into my little community and I'm living in town near a bunch of folks. I haven't really found any horse folk, even though the barn is PNH I don't seem to fit there well.

Ever taken a horse across the US-CAN boarder?


Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Hi Peter--

Life certainly is busy and finding a group of people to hang with is not easy, especially the older we get it seems.

As far as taking horses back and forth, it is doable but expensive. From the USA-Canada perspetive, I have to pay for the vet to do an exam, get a health certificate (only valid 30 days) and a negative Coggins (w/in 6mo of travel), and get an endorsement from the Dept of Ag. All in all, it is like $80-100 for one month approval plus a biannual Coggins. When I looked into it, my thought was to travel back and forth to hang with my Canadian Parelli friends and my horse but, I have not done it yet. They look at it as people doing business (like racers) and don't have a remedy for the regular horse-poor horse person trying to play with friends. :(


Parelli Central said...

I moved 5 times last year and had horsey Parelli friends close by each time, so that helped a lot! Always playing by yourself must be a drag. Watch out for Parelli Connect to launch any time soon. It is designed to get people more in touch. Hopefully, you will find some Parelli people in your area this way. Really enjoyed the post about the Butterfly effect... and sorry to hear you were (are?) sick!
Sending good thoughts your way!
PS: Hi Peter :-)!

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks, Petra on all accounts! Unfortunately, I can tell you that I doubt there are any Parelli folks in my area but, I am just going to keep moving forward. (I have friends in Canada but that is complicated with trying to haul over the border.) Anyhow, it's so great to have you reading and posting here, I feel connected to Parelli with you here! :)