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Monday, November 15, 2010

Bobbing for Apples and Other Horse-Related Fun

A friend on the Eastern Ontario Natural Horsemanship Meet-up Group responded to one of my discussion posts telling me about a Halloween Spooktacular event she had where her horses bobbed for apples! I thought that this sounded like great fun and so, this evening, I gave it a try with my horses. As anticipated, Whiskey was game for the task! To add a little challenge, the hose was running in the round container causing a current. He chased the apple around and around and caught it biting down, pushing it in the water, etc. What fun! Lola and Fosse were less impressed and decided it wasn't worth the hassle. LOL

Prior to this, despite still feeling not too well, I wanted to spend a little time with the horses. I packed my pockets with apple cookies, grabbed a halter and lead, and headed out to see them. I was immediately met by three horses running up to me to hang out! I played with them all by riding Lola around one-reined, bareback and the boys loose, she and I calling the shots (although she and I had a few moments where we had to negotiate who between the two of us was to lead the charge)! So it was girls against the boys and what fun we had indeed--I think the girls won. We traveled all around, over logs, around trees, between trees, on the rail, off the rail, and had a great deal of fun working with patterns and obstacles as the sun quickly disappeared.

Finally, it was time for grooming and apple-bobbing. I took each horse individually and gave them some one on one friendly game time, it was peaceful and nice. Each was brushed from head to hoof, hooves were cleaned and examined, and a few more goodies before I left. As I wrote earlier, Whiskey loved the apple-bobbing game. Lola loved being groomed and rested her head on my shoulder, and Fosse enjoyed the time as well, grooming me back, one-on-one, with his favorite partner, me. I'd like to think that they all enjoy my company and our relationship, I know I do.

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