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Monday, November 08, 2010

Apple Bowling!

Image from:http://sascalia.blogspot.com/

So what do you do when it is cold, muddy, and gets dark early? When you are really busy working, have no indoor arena, or lights installed yet? How do you keep it fun and interesting and not get discouraged because you don't have the perfect equestrian facility and all the time at your disposal? (Yeah--it is called reality for many of us. Bummer, huh.)

Well, I am an optimist and a dreamer, and I never give up. I try to find the good in everything and everyone so, a little apple bowling with the horses is what I've been doing and it's been a hoot! Yeah, I've been busy, sick for a week, and still, finding a way to connect.

My horses are simply too funny! Picture this, Lola has to be fed first--pushy and in your space, does not understand why she should even play, just wants the apples darn it! (She is respectful when asked to be.) Fosse is running around whinnying like a lacrosse player yelling me, me, and I have to send him the apple so that he can make a goal, and Whiskey, I roll it, he runs for it, leaps in the air stopping the apple with his front foot, picks it up and eats it, every time, and trots off, floating in air (away from Lola why thinks he's a target)--he is truly athletic, gorgeous, and thinks he's a Lipizzaner!

Horses are truly fun to be around whether you are riding, playing on the ground, feeding, grooming , cleaning the barn, or anything else. Every time I am with my horses I feel extreme joy and happiness, I feel complete. They seem to enjoy me just the same, even if I've been too busy to spend long sessions with them. The one thing I always try to do is to make the time we have, fun. To me, there is no point to it unless we are all having a good time. So, don't let your circumstances get you down, find the positive, be creative, and have fun!

Next game...carrot catch!?

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