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Monday, November 08, 2010

Another reason to be physically fit for your horse...

North Bay Farrier Service in California posted this amazing video on Facebook. I just found it and had to share! Even if you are not a Facebook member, you should be able to view it! Check out the video and then come back here and read my post! How Does Energy Effect Hoof Balance? (Also, check out Lola as a youngster above, floating on air.)

When I saw this video, my first thought was, "Amazing...horses are so powerful and beautiful." my second thought was, "Geeze, I'd better get out and trim my horses hooves, they are due!" and finally, my third thought and the reason for this post was, "Wow, yes, just another reason why being physically fit for my horse is so important!"

Okay, so let's review what we saw on the video. These horses are putting extreme strain and pressure on their bodies, look at how their legs and hooves are affected! They are agile, balanced, strong, athletic, and incredible. Now, imagine adding a rider to the equation and ask yourself some difficult questions:

What would my horse like?

1. A rider that was balanced or unbalanced (and what am I?).
2. A rider that was physically fit or one who was not (and what am I?).
3. A rider that was coordinated and had timing, a rider that was not coordinated and lacked timing (and what am I?)

These factors truly affect our own sense of self and our ability to be one with our horses. I don't know about you but for me, this is such a major truth and so important that I have been working hard, every day, to get back to being: balanced, fit, and coordinated. I didn't lose it all but, what I can say, a terrible truth to admit, is that gaining weight threw everything off kilter for sure. Losing the weight is reminding me of how much I used to do and how much better I was, in all aspects of life, fit. A realization that was vital for me to get my horsemanship on track and for me to make any kind of progress (let alone be safe). My horses are thankful and seem to be appreciating every step forward I take. I feel all the better for it on so many levels.

In any event, please take a moment to evaluate the video, your horse's feet and fitness, your own fitness, and take what steps you need to take to make your partnership that much better! Best wishes to you, the journey is well worth the trip!


Parelli Central said...

Very interesting video, Michelle. Thank you for sharing! It would be interesting to see the same slow motion with barefoot horses...
Are you feeling better? The apple story sure was fund and how is the Zumba workout with the horses going???

Have a super weekend!

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

I'd like to see a barefoot horse in motion like this too...mine are all barefoot. If I find a video, I'll be sure to post. Zumbaand horses not started yet, it has been raining like crazy here, no indoor arena and now that hte rain has stopped, I am sick! But, we will get there! :)