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Friday, October 29, 2010

Positive Thoughts Needed - Remmer, Linda Parelli's Horse Injured

For those of you not on Facebook or who have not heard the news, Remmer, Linda Parelli's beautiful horse partner has been seriously injured. The image above and the following text was posted by Linda on Facebook. Please send all of your prayers, healing thoughts, or whatever works for you to support him! My husband and I are very sad, we feel like Remmer is part of the family having watched him for so many years. We love you Remmer, get well soon!

"A quick note to let you all know that Remmer cut his left hind leg pretty badly this morning. He has severed one tendon and partially severed another and it will take some time to heal. We don't know yet if he will regain full athletic use, but he will be alright. He's in good spirits and will be in the vet hospital for a few days. Please send him your bright and positive healing energy." --Linda Parelli


Kaylee said...

Oh My! I had no idea this happened, that's terrible... if something happened to my horse...

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

I know, when I read it on FB, I felt a sick feeling in my stomach. I love that horse and I know Linda does. I cannot imagine having mine injured that badly--actually Fosse was hurt fairly badly when he was younger, long story but suffice it ti say 6 mohts of healing, he has a scar, but is totally sound. Thank goodness.

Marion Princic said...

thats one of the worst things that can happen - in my world anyway, when my horse would get hurt.
healing thoughts for remmer!

Naturally Gaited said...

Thank you for posting about this since I'm not on Facebook. I wonder how he hurt himself? It reminds me to think about major medical insurance for Guinness, once I get him certified..

Naturally Gaited said...

Quoting Mariah Helms' blog post today (she is in FL now): "Remmer will be fine, severed his ligaments on one leg from a shoe by being his clumsy self. Should take a minimum of 6 months for recovery, he's gonna be one spoiled little pony... I am sure he will enjoy the pampering after the pain passes."

I wonder how on earth he managed to do that?!


Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Update via Facebook from Linda---

Remmer Update - 11/3/10
Remmer recovering and doing what he does best :)
Many of you have been asking how Remmer injured himself and if it is something that you could learn from. It is still not understood exactly how he cut his leg so badly, but here are the events leading up to his accident. Amy was riding Remmer on the trac...k up at the Performance Barn. Part of the track was blocked off so she cantered over the small bank and Remmer fumbled. He didn't go down, but was three-legged when he stopped. Amy got off and was shocked to see the gash across the tendons of his left hind leg, just below the hock. She sent for me urgently and we just could not figure out how he cut himself there - nothing on the ground that could of hurt him and he didn't hit the ground. So we think he might have struck himself some how, it's very odd, especially to hit that spot, or else it's a horrible kind of tear. Xrays showed no damage to the bone, thank goodness. We immediately got the red light on it (Photonic Health) and the bleeding stopped, the vet was there within 20 mins and he was at the hospital within the hour - all very fortuitous. Amy of course felt terrible but I put her straight on that. The great news is that she loves him so much and will be a big part of nursing him through his recovery. We are all dedicated to this great horse, and we're putting in every effort to ensure his best recovery. As you know we had to leave last night for Europe, and arriving in Italy to find these texts from Lyndsey was fantastic: "Dr Adams is impressed with his spirit and comfort, said he was even picking up his right hind and stomping flies (it's his LH that's injured). He was also impressed with how well Jim's shoe has worked." "Jim said he is 3 x stronger in his LH today!" "Rem is frisky and moving double speed today" Thank you everyone for your healing thoughts, and also all our co-healers on project Rem.

Linda Parelli

Tina C. said...

Linda thank you so much for keeping us updated. You and Rem have been an important part of our lives on our Natural horsemanship journey and we are grateful for all the joy, inspiration and increased knowledge you have so generously shared with us. We love you both!!