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Friday, October 29, 2010

Positive Thoughts Needed - Remmer, Linda Parelli's Horse Injured

For those of you not on Facebook or who have not heard the news, Remmer, Linda Parelli's beautiful horse partner has been seriously injured. The image above and the following text was posted by Linda on Facebook. Please send all of your prayers, healing thoughts, or whatever works for you to support him! My husband and I are very sad, we feel like Remmer is part of the family having watched him for so many years. We love you Remmer, get well soon!

"A quick note to let you all know that Remmer cut his left hind leg pretty badly this morning. He has severed one tendon and partially severed another and it will take some time to heal. We don't know yet if he will regain full athletic use, but he will be alright. He's in good spirits and will be in the vet hospital for a few days. Please send him your bright and positive healing energy." --Linda Parelli

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zumba...and horses???

Trying to figure out how to combine my two of my favorite things to do... Zumba and Horses! HMMMM--Can Lola, Fosse, or Whiskey do ZUMBA??? :) Well you know, Lola is a showgirl afterall :), Whiskey has the ability to move like he is floating on air, and Fosse, frankly is just a ton of fun and will try to do whatever you ask! :) I am GOING to figure this out.

So my brain is going a hundred miles an hour these days, I am not sleeping much, and I am not spending nearly enough time with my horses. What I have been doing is working like crazy and attending Zumba classes (in addition to my normal workout routine-gym, videos, walks, runs), working at home, and I think I've lost the balance in my life. It occurred to me that it would be fabulous to somehow combine my Zumba workouts and my horses but, I have not figured out how. I suppos I could just crank the tunes and workout in the barn or out in the field, but the horses would still be spectators. I need to find a way to do Zumba with my horse! This all brings me ot the fact that I am way behind in reviewing my Parelli materials and that my progress in my horsemanship is super slow right now because "normal" life is getting in the way---not to mention the weather.

So, over the next few weeks, I pledge to get caught up on Parelli stuff and find a way to combine Zumba and horses...I'll be sharing for sure! If you have any ideas, please share with me!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weekly Task Challenge: Horsenality Time

If you don't know what to do, have little time, or just feeling stuck, try the weekly task as a way to at least do something with your horse! (It just may motivate you to do more!)

Understanding your horse's horsenality and your own personality truly can help bridge the gap between you and your equine partner. We are all different and often need to adapt in order to be a partner (sounds a lot like a marriage doesn't it). Well as a horse person with three distinctly different horses, a Director of Libraries managing people, and one whose been married to her soulmate for over 20 years (renewed our vows this year on our 20th anniversary), I can tell you that communication is the key to success in ANY relationship. Understanding the dynamic of those in the relationship fosters the ability to strategize the best ways to communicate and accomplish your goals with your horse (or people in your life) in a positive and proactive manner.

So, this week's task is to chart your horse's horsenality. You can find the chart on Parelli's Website, the Horsenality page. Just a little tip, this is a PDF file that you can save as a JPG, insert into Powerpoint, and you can edit it with images, insert dots and more and then post them on your own website like I have!

No matter if this is new to you or you've done it before, it is a great exercise that should be revisited often, not only in everyday life but, in situations where things can take a dramatic albeit temporary turn and you find yourself wondering why.

For additional information on Parelli's Horsenality Resources, go to their website horsenality page. There you will find more information, their DVD, the charts, and the option of an official assessment!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Just smiling...

It has been difficult to get in any horse time these days. However, over the last couple of weeks, between the bad weather and super busy work schedule, I have had some time with Fosse, Whiskey, and Lola.

Primarily I've been focusing on not focusing and just having fun whenever we can. Lola and I've been playing and working on her trotting with me in zone 3 because she often lacks impulsion. It started online and she was quite squeally about it but was trying. (She gets squeally when she is feeling challenged.) Then, we tried it at liberty and she truly got it and did it and it was fun for both of us--she is like a friend that I am playing with (so are the boys). When she'd try to stray away, I spanked her in zone 5 to get her attention with the 12 foot rope, she squealed, bucked, played, and came running back to me---what a hoot!!! We were connecting (and she also got some treats in the process). We then played many other liberty games and she is truly a great partner.Fosse and I play quite differently and lately has just spent time together, nuzzling, eating treats, and just having friendly time. Whiskey and I also spent friendly time and I rode him...chasing off the other two as they try to mug us for treats (and at other times, the 4 of us just hung out (me on Whiskey) and munched on treats. This play helps Whiskey feel higher in the herd where he is usually on the bottom. I know this brief account of horse time probably does not sound like much of anything to most of you but for me, working so much and being away from home so much, it means all the world to me. Any horse time right now is good time and I believe the horses were pleased to hang out with me. We are all just smiling...
PS. Sorry for not posting too often lately...I'll get back at it!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekly Task Challenge: Rewarding the Slightest Try

If you don't know what to do, have little time, or just feeling stuck, try the weekly task as a way to at least do something with your horse! (It just may motivate you to do more!)

If you were to think seriously and honestly about your horse time, have you ever caught yourself putting your principles before your goals and in doing so, micromanaged your horse (IE. asked them to keep trotting when they haven't broken gait yet), gotten frustrated becuase your horse didn't do a task to your exact expectations (IE. your horse not underatanding a cue you gave, immediately), or found yourself only being critical without any reward (IE. putting your horse through a work session, versus a play session and never actually giving him a nice pet, a treat, or a thank you)?

This week's task is to play with your horse (on the ground or riding, your choice), and rewarding the slightest try. You might find this difficult at first because we as humans can be very direct-line thinkers. For example, if you ask for your horse to move backwards, reward when his foot is moved, stop, smile, immediate recognition (and thanks), then begin again. This is going to blow your horse's mind! Remember that pressure motivates but it is the release that teaches, rewarding the slightest try is a release! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekly Task Challenge: Never Give Up

If you don't know what to do, have little time, or just feeling stuck, try the weekly task as a way to at least do something with your horse! (It just may motivate you to do more!)

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed and tired that everything seems to be falling apart and you just want to give up? This can happen in many aspects of life and definitely in your horsemanship because many of us don't have enough time, money, fancy facilities, etc. Because of mitigating factors, especially frustration or beliefs of failure, people give up on their dream of having horses in their lives. (Very sad indeed.)

This week's task is to restablish a connection to your horse and your horsemanship that may have been lost. To do this, you may want to get back to basics be setting some realistic goals. Often, our goals are too lofty for our own reality and rather than readjusting them, we just give up. This week, jsut make an adjustment and move forward! Remember, we are human, we are busy, and perfection is simply unrealistic (coming from your friendly perfectionist blogger and fellow horse woman-lol).

“Never, never, never, never give up.” -- Winston Churchill

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Weekly Task Challenge: Fear of Riding--Got one? Let's beat it!

If you don't know what to do, have little time, or just feeling stuck, try the weekly task as a way to at least do something with your horse! (It just may motivate you to do more!)

The word fear in the world of horses is almost taboo. The funny thing is, many people who own horses are afraid to ride them. Now, I will be the first person to say that horses are way more than riding (you've heard Parelli say this time and time again) but, frankly, most people have horses in order to go ride off in the sunset! :)

Typically, fear is something that is very difficult to overcome usually stemming from a very traumatic experience like an accident, the fear of the unknown, or the inability to feel safe (for a variety of reasons). Fear is the body's natural reaction to protect oneself from death so, first off, it is a human response and normal (nothing to be embarassed about but something to be dealt with). You need to respect the fear and then work through it, safely.

This week's task is to do some self-reflection and determine if you have something holding you back with your horses that stems from fear. Evaluate it, accept it, and make a plan to work through it.

From the Parelli website: "
Parelli Horse Training takes a natural approach to shifting fear. This might involve strategies that you can do in simulation – without even going near your horse – to retrain your brain. It’s also critically important that you learn how to help your horse be safe to ride. In our Natural Rider DVD we discuss fear and how to overcome it. Even more detail can be found in our step-by-step home study programs."

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Self Affirmation Statement

I've been struggling a bit with self-negative talk lately. It primarily has to do with my WW journey. However, I am actually doing fine, just causing myself a bit of aggravation! What else is new, I've done this with my horse journey too (as you all know). In any event, an assignment today was to write an affirmation statement. This needs to be a positive thinking piece. I decided to share mine here as a way to make myself that much more accountable to be progressive and positive in all aspects of my life! :)

I am in control of my destiny. I will chose my attitude, I will always play, I will always try to make another person's day, and I will always be there, be present, and be engaged. I am a beautiful and successful person surrounded by loving and caring people.I am fortunate to have a loving husband, wonderful home, and adorable animals in my life. I can lose weight, I can be fit, I can be healthy, for the rest of my life. I am unstoppable, I am never quitting, I am strong. I am letting go of all negative thoughts and energy, forever. I will love myself and others, no matter what the circumstance. I will allow myself to succeed, I will be a success in all aspects of my life, I will be happy, forever. --Michelle/arabhorselover1