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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Milestone 60 and Perfectionism

I finally made it, I've lost 60 pounds and am only 5 pounds away from my 25% target and even less to onderland! How did I get here? Well, it has not been a perfect journey but one that has been fraught with successes, struggles, focus, lack of focus, losses, and gains. Had I given up each time I hit a bump in the road, where would I be? Probably gaining weight and feeling depressed, ugly, you know the story. Yes, I've had thoughts of, "if I don't lose each week I am a failure, if I don't stay totally on track I am a failure, if I don't lose fast enough I am a failure."

I've not gotten in much horse time because I have been extraordinarily busy at work and at home with waves of visitors. The time I do get seems to be good enough that when the horses just see me, they whinny and run to me (I feel loved). I guess I thought that if I couldn't "officially" play with the horses that somehow that was not perfect either (especially because I have not video taped anything in ages, riding...what is that? lol) and thus, the time I did spend (grooming, feeding, petting) didn't count. I couldn't be more wrong. In fact, they still love and respect me and seem to understand (or not care) that things have been challenging lately.

As you can see, I am still struggling with perfectionism (probably will forever) but recognizing it makes all the difference. Anyhow, the irony is that this week's topic at WW was about perfectionism. Somehow their topics always hit home at the right time and, seem to merge with my PNH and professional life as do the PNH topics, they are always timely and merge with my life (professional and personal). How interesting.

So, remember, perfectionism is an illusion and should you "slip up" in anything in life, a weight gain, a horse not doing what you had hoped, etc. the result is feedback, not failure. Evaluate the feedback, strategize, and move on. Make progress, find balance, learn from the past, stay positive, revisit your "winning outcome" to turn a WW phrase. Kick perfectionism out of your life, and that does not mean that you should not strive to be excellent in everything you do, you should, but recognize your humanity and keep it real, you'll be happier and more successful and better for it.

Lastly, here is the latest log of my weight loss progress: (The next meeting is this Sat!)

Week 1: 1/9/10, Started Weight Watchers
Week 2: 1/16/10, Lost 6.2 lbs, Total Lost 6.2 lbs
Week 3: 1/23/10, Lost 1.6 lbs, *Started Exercising Regularly, Total Lost 7.8 lbs
Week 4: 1/30/10, Lost 3.8 lbs, Total Lost 11.6 lbs
Week 5: 2/6/20, Lost 3 lbs *Celebrating 5% Weight-loss Target!, Total Lost 14.6 lbs
Week 6: 2/13/10, Lost 2.4 lbs, Total Lost 17 lbs
Week 7: 2/20/10, Gained .2 lbs, Total Lost 16.8 lbs
Week 8: 2/27/10, Lost 1.6 lbs, Total Lost 18.4 lbs
Week 9: 3/6/10, Lost 5.6 lbs, *Biggest Loser at the Meeting!, Total Lost 24 lbs
Week 10: 3/13/10, Lost .8 lbs, Total Lost 24.8 lbs
Week 11: 3/20/10, Lost .2 lbs *Celebrating 25 lbs Lost Milestone!, Total Lost 25 lbs
Week 12: 3/27/10, Lost 3.4 lbs *Celebrating 10% Weight-loss Target!, Total Lost 28.4 lbs
Week 13: 4/3/10, Lost 2.6 lbs, Total Lost 31 lbs
Week 14: 4/10/10, Lost .8 lbs, Total Lost 31.8 lbs
Week 15: 4/17/10, Gained 1.0 lb, Total Lost 30.8 lbs
Week 16: 4/24/10, Lost 1.6 lbs, *Celebrating 16 Weeks on Program!, Total Lost 32.4 lbs
Week 17: 5/1/10, Lost 5.8 lbs, *Biggest Loser at Meeting, Total Lost 38.2 lbs
Week 18: 5/8/10, Gained 1.6 lbs, Total Lost 36.6 lbs
Week 19: 5/15/10, Lost 2.8 lbs, *Celebrating 15% Weight-loss Target!, Total Lost 39.4 lbs
Week 20: 5/22/10, Missed Meeting
Week 21: 5/29/10, Lost 1.0 lbs, Total Lost 40.4 lbs
Week 22: 6/5/10, Lost 3.2 lbs, Total Lost 43.6 lbs
Week 23: 6/12/10, Lost .6 lbs, Total Lost 44.2 lbs
Week 24: 6/19/10, Gained 1.8 lbs, Total Lost 42.4 lbs
Week 25: 6/26/10, Lost 8.6 lbs, Total Lost 51.0 lbs, *Biggest Loser at Meeting
Week 26: 7/3/10, Gained 3.8 lbs, Total Lost 47.2 lbs
Week 27: 7/10/10, Lost 1.0 lbs, Total Lost 48.2 lbs
Week 28: 7/17/10, Lost 3.4 lbs, Total Lost 51.6 lbs
Week 29: 7/24/10, Lost 8.0 lbs, Total Lost 59.6 lbs, *Celebrating 20% Weight-loss Target!, *Biggest Loser at Meeting
Week 30: 7/31/10, Gained 1.2 lbs, Total Lost 58.4 lbs
Week 31: 8/7/10, Gained 4.0 lbs, Total Lost 54.4 lbs
Week 32: 8/14/10, Lost 5.6 lbs, Total Lost 60.0 lbs, *Biggest Loser at Meeting


Anonymous said...

Ya know, you were lovely in your 'before' picture too.

Isn't it amazing, the torment we put ourselves through, over the physical byproduct of our lifestyles. Sometimes there's more calories and less movement, other times there's less calories and more movement, and our bodies reflect that. And that's it.

But wow, what we put ourselves through -- "I'm a total complete absolute failure who will never amount to anything but a lump of lard too gross to even make tortillas out of so why bother plus I'm hideous and unlovable. And short!" (If you haven't seen Birdcage with Nathan Lane and Robin Williams, rent it ASAP. It's a hilarious movie but even just Nathan Lane's meltdown at the beginning of the film is worth the price of admission.)


You look great! Fit, healthy, gorgeous. WW is a great program and makes it as easy as possible to change one's lifestyle, but it's still very, very hard to replace old habits with new ones, and it's nowhere near as fun as unlearning old horse habits and replacing them with natural ones. LOL Even Oprah finds it a huge challenge to make those minute-by-minute changes and stick to them, and she's got personal trainers and chefs and assistants to help her. So I hope you can indeed focus on the positives and not get on yourself for the supposed "backsliding" or whatever else you think is marring the perfection. :D

Jeanne said...

Dayum, girl! You look GREAT! Congratulations, that is quite an achievement. And in only 32 weeks? Wow. I admire your commitment!

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

I agree with you and thank you for your kindness. BTW, Birdcage is one of my absolute favorites! I'm going to watch it again, paying more attention to Nathan, and thinking about how he looks great but is having the meltdown...interesting. :)

Tessa said...

You look so so comfortable and happy! Way to go!

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks, Tessa, I really am. I don't know how or why I let myself go and it is quite embarassing really. But look out world, I have found focus and am taking the time it takes to make life-long improvements on ME! This is great for me and the horses. :)

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks, Tessa, I really am. I don't know how or why I let myself go and it is quite embarassing really. But look out world, I have found focus and am taking the time it takes to make life-long improvements on ME! This is great for me and the horses. :)

inchwormwv said...

Way to go Michelle!I know what a challenge you have taken on and just how hard it can be. Kudos for establishing new healthy habits and sticking with them. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks, Tenley, is has been a lot of work (not luck) but well worth it. Thanks for your support. I know it has affected me in a positive way on so many levels...equine being the best of course. :)

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks, Jeanne! You make me blush.

Parelli Central said...

Congratulations for sticking with your plan! Good for you, Michelle. YEEHAA!

Petra Christensen
Parelli 1Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks, Petra. It is not always easy or perfect but, worth the effort! :)