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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Undemanding time rocks

(Photo of Lola and I when Clare's visited in June 2010)

I had a nice day with Rick an awesome workout in the morning, a great 5k walk with my dogs Annie & Morgan this evening, and then a nice time sitting on Lola bareback while she munched on grass. I thought since we had a few bumps in the road, I'd keep everything as casual as possible. So, I went out in the playground where she was grazing, she came to me, I haltered her, I asked her to sidle up while I stood on a rock, she did, I mounted bareback, and just sat on her. She munched grass, I swatted flies for her, and we enjoyed each other. Undemanding time is underrated and truly rocks...I love my life.


Lisa said...

Catching up on reading after being away from the internet for a few days . . .

I don't know to what extent you've considered this, but don't forget there is something different about playing with a mare vs. playing with a gelding. Some of it is physiological (heat cycles & hormones) but there's just a different attitude.

If Cricket has taught me anything, she's taught me to take the bad days in stride with the good days. There's no such thing as "continual progress." It's a few steps forward, and maybe a few more but there is ALWAYS going to be a step backwards. And that's okay. Because it gives me time to re-group and not get so caught up in progress that I forget about process.

~ Lisa

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Lisa--This is something I am just starting to realize and Clare and I breifly talked about it. So, do you have any tips or ideas, anything I should look out for? She is totally different from the boys and our relationship, although overall really good, I do feel like I am struggling to completely connect, all the time, as she really does change...maybe that is your point and that is the key, remembering it...an ah-ha moment for sure.

Lisa said...

The most obvious thing is her heat cycles. She's going to experience emotionals and physical changes during her cycle. And it's going to be more intense at certain times of the year (spring and early summer). There are herbals you can use to help her if you think this is a problem. Chastetree Berry can help regulate the pituatary gland to ease the hormonal flux and Red Raspberry Leaf can help with cramping and other phsyical symptoms (both are inexpensive, safe and fairly palatable)

The attitude difference is more subtle. Some mares, like my Cricket, are natural leaders and it's hard to convince her to relinquish her crown. All mares are nurturers and protectors. It's fairly easy to win dominance games with geldings because they are pretty used to being pushed around. Mares, not so much. To truly win a mare, you need to win her admiration, command (rather than demand) her respect.

But there is something more magnificent in the relationship with a mare because of all this.

When Cricket was bucking at camp this past spring, I mentioned to Carol that I couldn't understand what was wrong. Everything was the same as it was in the fall. To which Carol replied, "it's spring and she's a mare." And that was enough.

It's going to be a more emotional ride with Lola than it would be with Whiskey or Fosse because some days are going to suck and you'll have no idea why. And just when the ride seems darkest, she'll offer you more magnificence than you could imagine and you'll feel completely unworthy.

Cricket has the most amazing ability to push me to the edge of the cliff and just when I think I'm going to fall into the abyss, she shows me the most amazing vista, one that could not be seen from anywhere but the edge of the precipice. And that's a mare.

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

What you are writing to me rings true and seems so right, and makes me fell more prepared to engage with her. It gives me chills, tears, and excitement all at the same time! Wow and thank you. :)

Lisa said...

It's not about making excuses. It's about understanding the reality. And the reality is that mares and geldings are different. Of course there are easier mares adn more tempermental geldings but there will always be exceptions to any "rule."

Geldings are sweet and precious in their own right. They give our universe a sense of order and predictablity. They aren't much different from day to day. What you see is what you get.

Mares are an amazing roller coaster. They can thrill and terrify you, scare and amaze you in a single breath.

I love my mares for just what they are - beautiful, delicate, strong and willful. I even embrace Cricket's unpredictablility for the constant challenge she offers.

Gelding grow your horsemanship because their steadiness allows you to progress. Mares stretch your horsemanship in directions you never imagined because . . . well, because they are mares and that's all the reason they need!