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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Put yourself in your horse's shoes

Today, I wanted to play with Lola and Ride. I chose the round pen (with obstacles)because it had some shade, was near where Rick was hanging out, and it was a location we'd not been to in awhile. I found her to be fairly pissy and/or non-responsive, she was squeeling, not paying attention, bumping me and acting rude and, and our time together playing online, at liberty, and riding was frankly, not much fun at all and seemed to me to be, a lot of work. I had sprayed her three times for insects, it was a bit hot, and Rick reminded me afterwards that all of the horses had a rough week dealing with 90-100 degree (Fahrenheit) temperatures and the bugs (despite the fans, insect sheets, masks, and leg coverings). Still, I felt frustrated, a bit angry, and was in general, in a bad mood afterwards. I felt guilty about these very non-savvy feelings but, I just could not help it (maybe the heat was getting to me too). She and I have had great times together but the last two times were less than thrilling for either of us. How could we make progress this way I thought? My emptional brain was thinking ok, too hot now, too cold in winter, what to do? GRRR. I was not a good partner today and unfortunately found my initial intentions had turned direct-line (if my my actions, at least my thoughts).

So I took a brief catnap in the shade while sitting in my lawn chair feeling sorry for myself. After I woke up, about 10 minutes later,I decided to go for a run with my Great Dane, Morgan. I am hooked on running...it is so fun and great exercise! It is crazy really as I never expected this feeling about a sport I never thought I'd like. So, Morgan and I ran and I forgot about feeling upset with Lola. (I've restarted the C25K program using a different set of podcasts.) We were actually was going to run the week 1, run 1 tonight, two times, because after the initial workout was complete, we still had plenty of energy despite the heat. However, the deer flies were eating us alive and we were miserable (and we had insect repellent on). We were literally swarmed like an Alfred Hitchcock movie as we ran down the road! Thankfully hubby drove down the road to check on us (great timing), we were relieved to jump in the Blazer, fleeing for our lives from those darned insects! (And, we were sprayed with bug spray.) We had completed the initial run so, walked way feeling accomplished in that respect.

This got me thinking about Lola and how unfairly I had treated her. She was hot all week, being bitten up by bugs, and hadn't had much relief (and maybe not much sleep). Here I was expecting her to perform without giving her the benefit of me, her partner, listening to her complaints and her needs. Next time, I plan to be more respectful to my beloved horse, she is a sweetie and I was simply unfair. Don't make this mistake with your horses! If you are anything like me, you'll feel terrible guilt, I know I do!

(I am sorry, Lola, I will be a better partner next time...HUGS.)

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