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Monday, July 05, 2010

Play Time with Heather and the Horses

Over the July 4th weekend my sister Heather and her boyfriend Doug visited. We had a lot of fun hanging out at camp, with the horses, and on the boat. What I wanted to tell you all about though is our fun with the horses. The weather has been very hot so, we didn't want to push things too much and wanted to make it fun. We first brought Lola out, tacked her up with the bareback pad and hackamore. We played all kinds of ground games with her and found some opposition reflex in her behavior (rearing and bucking). Rather than be direct line or get angry, I let her work it out and then would politely ask for what ever it was I wanted. She complied and we had a good time while achieving our goals (no principles compromised). I mounted and worked on a little riding but found her to be fairly dull and non-responsive. I chalked it up to the heat and we ended fairly soon but, on a good note. Fosse was next and he, unlike Lola was excited to play and have fun. Once again. some ground play first and then I mounted. I asked Heather to help me teach Fosse to trot. The vet said it was OK despite his heart and so, I wanted to try. The few times I did try, he sort of did it but, I thought this would be a great opportunity to push it farther. She held onto the lead on the hackamore and I got in the passenger position. By the 6th time, he was trotting from my ask, not Heather's. It was really fun for all of us. In between tries, he got treats for success and seemed to have fun. Lola was staring at us and calling out as if she was jealous because we were having fun without her! Lastly, Whiskey was out to play. We tacked as the others, played in the ground, and then I mounted. Last year, when Heather was out,we played point to point at the trot, her being the target with treats. Well, it seems that he remembered because as soon as he saw her, he started trotting to her! I took this opportunity to work on steering, obstacles, and patterns with the reward of seeing Heather for treats should the desired task be completed. I think we had more fun that we've had in ages! I cannot wait for her to visit again, something just clicks when we are together (and she is not a horse person). How interesting.

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