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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Maybe I Can Really Do This, Huh!?

Well, my strive for fitness as part of my partnership goals is really working, I actually think I'll make it to goal, be able to maintain, and be thin, fit, and healthy, for the rest of my life. Amazing, huh. It is not easy, it takes dedication, education, and work but, I am doing it! I've been riding the horses (primarily bareback and one-reined) and feeling great, in-tune, safe, and have been able to trust myself and them...I do think the physical fitness has a great deal to do with it!

Anyhow, this week's Weight Watchers meeting was great. I lost an amazing 8 pounds bringing me well over my 20% short-term goal that meant I'd have lost 52 pounds. With this loss, I've now lost 59.6 pounds bringing me very close to my 25% target of 65 pounds. Yes, I have a long way to go but, I will get there. I want to lose a total of 132.6 pounds which would get me back to 130 lbs, which is in my healthy weight range. Wow, that sounds like a long road ahead which is precisely why I focus on 5% increments! (At present, my loss averages out to 2 lbs per week--details below.)

Above, are photos of me before and now, with my dog, my running partner, and best friend, Morgan, a beautiful female, 2 year old, Great Dane. She keeps me going strong even on the days I feel too tired to walk or run!

So, what am I doing you ask? I exercise 7 days a week, sometimes twice in one day. I do a medly of gym workouts, walking, running, workout videos, and of course follow Weight Watchers (I attend weekly meetings). I try not to eat my activity points or weekly points allowance sticking to just eating my daily points allowance. I also eat healthy, whole foods, not processed, grow much of what I consume, I make sure I get in my healthy guidelines items every day, and I limit alcohol. I journal everything, I menu plan, mentally rehearse, and more. :) I seem to be able to lose this way and am doing well. I am not only getting thinner but, I feel healthier, feel more physically fit, and it feels great! Just remember that we are all different and what works for one may not work for the other. I do believe, as Pat Parelli says, "slow and right beats fast and wrong"! So, if you chose to go down the path of wellness, be sure whatever you chose, you can live with, much like chosing Parelli for life.

Lastly, here is the latest log of my weight loss progress: (The next meeting is this Sat!)

Week 1: 1/9/10, Started Weight Watchers
Week 2: 1/16/10, Lost 6.2 lbs, Total Lost 6.2 lbs
Week 3: 1/23/10, Lost 1.6 lbs, *Started Exercising Regularly, Total Lost 7.8 lbs
Week 4: 1/30/10, Lost 3.8 lbs, Total Lost 11.6 lbs
Week 5: 2/6/20, Lost 3 lbs *Celebrating 5% Weight-loss Target!, Total Lost 14.6 lbs
Week 6: 2/13/10, Lost 2.4 lbs, Total Lost 17 lbs
Week 7: 2/20/10, Gained .2 lbs, Total Lost 16.8 lbs
Week 8: 2/27/10, Lost 1.6 lbs, Total Lost 18.4 lbs
Week 9: 3/6/10, Lost 5.6 lbs, *Biggest Loser at the Meeting!, Total Lost 24 lbs
Week 10: 3/13/10, Lost .8 lbs, Total Lost 24.8 lbs
Week 11: 3/20/10, Lost .2 lbs *Celebrating 25 lbs Lost Milestone!, Total Lost 25 lbs
Week 12: 3/27/10, Lost 3.4 lbs *Celebrating 10% Weight-loss Target!, Total Lost 28.4 lbs
Week 13: 4/3/10, Lost 2.6 lbs, Total Lost 31 lbs
Week 14: 4/10/10, Lost .8 lbs, Total Lost 31.8 lbs
Week 15: 4/17/10, Gained 1.0 lb, Total Lost 30.8 lbs
Week 16: 4/24/10, Lost 1.6 lbs, *Celebrating 16 Weeks on Program!, Total Lost 32.4 lbs
Week 17: 5/1/10, Lost 5.8 lbs, *Biggest Loser at Meeting, Total Lost 38.2 lbs
Week 18: 5/8/10, Gained 1.6 lbs, Total Lost 36.6 lbs
Week 19: 5/15/10, Lost 2.8 lbs, *Celebrating 15% Weight-loss Target!, Total Lost 39.4 lbs
Week 20: 5/22/10, Missed Meeting
Week 21: 5/29/10, Lost 1.0 lbs, Total Lost 40.4 lbs
Week 22: 6/5/10, Lost 3.2 lbs, Total Lost 43.6 lbs
Week 23: 6/12/10, Lost .6 lbs, Total Lost 44.2 lbs
Week 24: 6/19/10, Gained 1.8 lbs, Total Lost 42.4 lbs
Week 25: 6/26/10, Lost 8.6 lbs, Total Lost 51.0 lbs, *Biggest Loser at Meeting
Week 26: 7/3/10, Gained 3.8 lbs, Total Lost 47.2 lbs
Week 27: 7/10/10, Lost 1.0 lbs, Total Lost 48.2 lbs
Week 28: 7/17/10, Lost 3.4 lbs, Total Lost 51.6 lbs
Week 29: 7/24/10, Lost 8.0 lbs, Total Lost 59.6 lbs, *Celebrating 20% Weight-loss Target!, *Biggest Loser at Meeting


Naturally Gaited said...

Well, I just hollered out to Brett, "oh my god, Michelle is wasting away - you've got to come see this!"

Wow. Your face even looks different. :-)


Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

LOL, Thanks, Clare! My face is sure changing, even since the photos you took, I do look different...and it is a good thing. I am finding myself seeing different parts and remarking how they are starting to resemble something from the past! LOL Anyhow, thanks for your support and confidence that I can get to goal, I really appreciate it. -M

Lauren said...

Celebrating with you! Do something really nice for your Self! Your admirer, Lauren

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks, Lauren. I promised myself that when I hit 20% loss, I'd buy new running sneakers. Rick and I plan a trip when his parents leave from their visit! I am looking forward to buying them. I have not purchased new sneakers for over two years! -M

Regina said...

As always, you inspire us all! You're going to be soooo happy when you get your new shoes.


Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Wow, thank you Regina, as always you are too kind. I cannot wait to get my new shoes...I really need them! :) I am doing well with company visiting, sticking to my lifestyle, not waivering at all (which used to be a problem), and feeling very successful for it.

Now, I've had no horse time since right before the visit, betweem the things I had to do to prepare, now they are here and I am working and then coming to a house full, plus, the weather has been less than cooperative. Thankfully, I know the horses will forgive me. :)


Sofie said...

Great work Michelle... It´s like you say - slow and right beats fast and wrong... you have to change your lifestyle and it´s not easy but it looks like your doing really good.
/Sofie, Sweden.

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks, Sofie, and you said it---it isn't easy. It is just another thing in life you have to want bad enough to make the changes that are necessary. I want it bad enough! :)

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks, Sofie, and you said it---it isn't easy. It is just another thing in life you have to want bad enough to make the changes that are necessary. I want it bad enough! :)