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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lola, Leadership, and an Ah Ha Moment

Today, I found myself connecting with Lola. Why? Because I found humour in the situation, listened to her, and respected her horsenality.
It was very windy today and I was busy in the garden, running with Morgan (we walked/ran 4 miles), and found myself, yearning to sit on my horse. Literally, that was all I wanted to do but, ended up having a much more interesting interaction.

I decided that lacking the keys to the horse trailer, I'd just take a halter and lead line out to the horses with the desire to sit on Lola and try to make a connection, another positive interaction. When I approached the area, Whiskey immediately came over to see me and immediately following him, Lola came over and seemed interested in me. Fosse was in the vicinity but never stopped eating to come over, he just stopped long enough to acknowledge my presence. Anyhow, I haltered Lola, scratched all of her itchy spots (a great friendly game), walked her over to the stump in the playground, and mounted her bareback. We just sat there, doing nothing which was excellent because many times in the past, she'd try to walk off before I wanted her to. I asked her for a flex, gave her tons of scratches, and just sat there.

I finally decided to ask her to move forward by lifting the rope. I did not tie the lead rope so I was riding bareback and one-reined. Anyhow, she moved one foot forward (which seemed to take her great effort), stopped, and munched grass. Rather than be frustrated, I allowed her to have a little grass, scratched here, then wiggled the rope to signal her attention, lifted the rope to ask and waited (being aware of her introverted tendencies). Then, to proceed, I used the "my horse won't go" techniques of rhythmic motion with the rope to apply some pressure, again one foot forward with great effort, and then some grass. We continued this a few times and I eventually would ask for her to approach and complete an obstacle puzzle, then would allow her to eat and even tried to tell her that it was okay by pulling down on the lead line or putting pressure on her pole (we have not figured an "it's okay to eat" signal yet. Anyhow, each time I asked, I would laugh, remain relaxed, and not get upset. What happened is that she became more and more responsive, completed the tasks better each time, and totally connected with me.

I attribute our success to patience (my ah-ha --be patient and laugh and you will get what you want), time, imagination, knowing and responding to horsenality needs, and just having fun with it---no frustration feelings whatsoever! Show me a normal who would take this kind of time to get the desired result? I know of no one. My horse's dignity was in tact, she respected me and trusted me as leader, and we had fun. (And, the winds were wicked...have you ever heard people say they could not ride becuase it was windy...LOL...it is not true!) This interaction today with Lola, my friends, is Parelli savvy...and you just cannot beat it!

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