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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What's going on?

So what is going on? Well, I have been trying to reconcile in my mind my assignment from Lauren about celebrating being human which means not being perfect all of the time and being precise but not critical. I have to say that I've spent much time thinking about this and worrying that I'll do the assignment right or that I understand how to follow-through, etc.! I know, I am nuts.

I've gotten in some non-demanding horse time yesterday after work and today, I had about 30 minutes of working on small things like (but not limited to) leading all three horses together from here to there, yo-yo all three, send one at a time out or in the gate, etc. I was particular with each horse on my expectations and about when it was their turn but not overly critical if they tried.

I can also report that I've been doing great this week on my WW journey, totally on plan (eating, journaling, planning, exercising, etc.) and feeling great. This morning I went to the gym and did the C25K week 5, run #1 (intervals of 5 min fast walk, 5 min run, 3 min fast walk, 5 min run, 3 min fast 5 min run, 5 min walk with cool down)on the treadmill. This time I felt like I probably looked pretty good doing it and if not, I was not concerned because I knew that what other people thought was irrelevant, that I was not perfect at this but, that I am sure trying hard!

Then, this evening, Morgan (my Great Dane) and I ran again, the C25K week 5, run#2 (intervals of 5 min fast walk, 8 min run, 5 min fast walk, 8 min run, 5 min walk with cool down) and I added an additional 10 minutes of low-intensity walking. I am so excited and proud that we survived and did it! Weeks ago, I could barely run for 1 minute without feeling really fatigued.And, this new fitness level has directly accepted my horsemanship! The third workout for this week consists of 5 min fast walk, 20 min run, 5 min cool down - I am SCARED but, I will give it a try. I am thinking on Thursday.

Well, that is it! Oh, and check out the picture with this post, just a few new before and current pic of me! (Click the pic to enlarge.)


Naturally Gaited said...

You are up to 16 minutes of running! Wow!! Poor tired Morgan. ;-)

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Wow, Clare, I didn't think of it that way (16 min of running). I felt like I was only up to 8 minutes since there was a break in between...yep this is me being critical again instead of particular (I think). Thanks for giving me a new way to look at it. Now, I feel more empowered and able to do Thursday's workout! HUGS.


PS. I think Morgan likes it but wow, she sleeps really well these days! I've even had to increase her food to keep weight on her! I wish I could find a run where she and I could participate together. I guess I better start looking!