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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Moving Up and Moving Forward

On the horse front...

Nothing much going on at all. I have found myself very busy with anything but the horses, I am not riding, did play a little the other day, but overall, stagnant. My horse trailer is also temporarily out of commission (it is full of wood to build our new wood shed and there is a brake issue to be fixed--probably on the truck side), the weather has also been very hot and buggy lately---just another couple of excuses, I know...

Luckily, my friend Clare is coming up from Virginia to visit me (she arrives on Friday) and is planning to force me to spend time with the horses and leave everything else aside...no work, just fun! So, this jump start with her will get me back into the groove and much of what was interfering is now complete so, in actuality, I will have much more time to spend with them. After June 21st some local horse friends (previous members of the NCPPG) want to get together, possibly weekly to ride. I think I'll be available and more able to join them. This week, I have hooves to trim, hay to get in, and a barn to clean (maybe that should read tonight, not this week).

On the fitness front...

OKAY...what is the saying...'Fish or cut bait?' Well, with the prompting of my colleague yesterday at CU, the same person who got me into the C25K program, I've registered for my first 5K race! It is on July 8th and is called the Tour de Potsdam. It is sponsored by St. Lawrence County as a health initiative event. I registered for the race and hope to run it all but, plan to walk/run if need be. I am excited, nervous, and scared! I don't want to look like a fool or make a spectacle of myself! But, I am committed (or should be). LOL Wish me luck! (I am working on week 2 of C25K...should be on week 3 but last week, I missed all exercise--oye! However, I still think I can do it.)

This Saturday, I am walking in a 5K Walk Challenge with my Weight Watchers Group. Two of us started this event and have been doing 5K walk practice for the past 5 weeks and the walk is no problem for us (never was)--actually enjoyable and I suspect we will continue the walk after meeting ritual throughout the summer and fall. We truly support and motivate each other and, it is a great way to get in your activity! I suspect that for the event, it will be three of us from WW (one other woman signed up) and Clare on the "official" walk which is totally unofficial and just through town, no signs, no numbers, just WW walkers. I think that I may pick up a few goodies at the Dollar Store for the walkers, just for fun.

On the weight loss front...

I've lost 40.4 pounds since my last weigh in on May 29th, only 11.6lbs to go and it will be a 20% weight loss celebration! I am a long way from goal but getting closer every week! :)

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