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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earthquakes: How prepared are you? What about the horses?

If you live in the east coast, you already know that a 5.5 mag earthquake hit near Ottawa Canada today and was felt across southern Canada and down into the US in New York, Vermont, Ohio, and more. I was in Potsdam, NY on a business call in my office and the room and everything in it was shaking. I had to interrupt the person on the line who was in the building across the street and ask if his building was shaking because I thought we were having an earthquake. It was an unsettling feeling to say the least.

In 1944, there was a historic earthquake in our region called the Cornwall-Massena Earthquake(the largest recorded in NY). Not only were the citizens extremely upset (some thought the Germans were bombing the town), their wells dried up, their property was damaged, and the infrastructure was affected. We live, apparently, and unknown to me until today, in a region that is considered a seismically active zone called the St. Lawrence Rift System.

So, today, after the shock and excitement wore off, I started to wonder how things were at my house, did my husband feel it, what about the dogs, my kitty, and of course, the horses? What do the horse feel when the Earth starts shaking? Does a flight response kick in? Are they fearful or do they have some other understanding about nature that we cannot understand? It seems to me that they may be even more sensitive to the planet and what is happening that we humans are but I'd really like to know what is going on in their minds. In my mind, my first response was to want to get home (I am leaving for home soon.) Everything is fine at home by the way, Rick didn't feel anything...not sure about the critters... Rick thinks the horses may have as they bolted out of the barn abd were looking all around at about the time of the quake.

The other thought I had was our preparedness for a natural disaster. Are we really prepared? We have a generator but no gasoline stored and that would run out. We have wood, canned food, a garden, some first-aid stuff, I can never seem to find a flash light and they never have batteries although I do have two gas camp lanterns. My vehicles never seem to have full tanks of gas...what if we had to leave? Then what about water and food for the animals, especially the horses? I have extra halters, ropes, buckets, but to get everything together in a disaster may be a challenge. My trailer at the moment is housing wood planks for our shed...what if I needed it? Oh wow, what a list of problems!

I cannot profess to say that I even know how to get started or how to be successfully prepared (and for how long) but know that a few things could easily be addressed. The first-aid items and flash lights are an easy fix. The trailer will be emptied soon and Ill try to keep hubby from using it for anything other than horses. The food and water seems much more problematic, especially for the animals. This is a topic that I'll continue to consider as I think it is an important one. I'd love feedback from you all regarding how you prepare or perhaps problems you know you have! Please share and comment.

And, to my Canadian friends (and everyone else in the earthquake zone), I hope you and yours are all doing well. My thoughts are with you. (Click here for another article on the quake.)


Parelli Central said...

Hi Michelle, I really enjoyed your thoughts in this blog. Few of us are prepared for any disaster I believe... In cases like this I always remember a customer of mine who lost her house to a fire. She said everything can be replaced, but all her pictures - from her family, kids, animals etc - all those were lost and were in her mind the only true loss. Something to keep in mind...
Have a safe trip home!

Petra Christensen
Parelli 1Star Junior Instructor

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Hi Petra--That is a good thought. I guess I am glad that many of my photos are online these days and important papers are not in the house but at the back.


Naturally Gaited said...

Agh! The worst that I figured would be likely to happen is a forest fire. I've never considered an earthquake. Gee, wasn't Rich Creek (the last place you lived) also on a fault line..?

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

The forest fire was in nearby Quebec a few weeks ago! Comt ot think of it the last place was on a fault line with sink holes! OYE. :) One other thing Rick and I talked briefly about and then changed the subject was being on the St. Lawrence River in the boat and having a huge earthquake...what happens to the spill gates and the dam? I don't want to know...and I am still going boating on the river. Life is too short to life it always thinking "what if."

Take care and hug the family!

Lisa said...

Part of being prepared is understanding the liklihood of anything actually happening and what the appropriate response would be.

Our biggest threat here is tornados and there just isn't enough warning to even have a plan for "what if." The best place for a horse during that kind of weather is loose and my girls are never confined in a stall. Cricket is micro-chipped and I'd love to have her freeze marked. Not sure about Bleu.

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

I hadn't thought of chipping the horses, my Great Dane Morgan is shipped. Good idea.