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Sunday, May 02, 2010


Well, I just heard the word, I've passed Level 2 Freestyle and so, with my previous Level 2 Online pass, I am officially a Parelli Level 3 Student!!! I am very excited and celebrating!

The feedback was totally on track and totally expected. At the time, she was reveling herself as a left-brained introvert but now, she really is a left-brained extrovert primarily (in the lower quadrant) and Parelli's Horsenality Report agrees. (I still have to write about the report but, I've not gotten through it all yet.)

Now, the big secret is, this was my first ride on Lola and my second (or so) in many, many, months. I had just started back to playing with the horses more regularily (after the long winter) and felt a bit out of sorts in general. I was nervous, felt discomblbulated, but, I did have it on tape, and being a Savvy Club Gold member, thought I could just get feedback at no cost should I fail. The funny thing is, I can see many areas that needed improvement but, at the time, I thought it was much, much worse than what it was (it is funny how perception and reality differ). Once I viewed the video, I decided to just send it in. It was not perfect, we could not trot because it was very muddy (but, I did assess Level 1 in the old system and certainly proved my trotting abilities in that--maybe that made a difference? --maybe it is because assessment is not about perfecton?--personally, I don't care. LOL), I could have been more coordinated and athletic, and my heart was pounding while I was on her, about a hundred miles per hour, because we were still getting to know one another which I am sure impacted everything. (I am not feeling like that anymore, not at all, and we've made a great deal of progress since this was taken and are having FUN!---look out, I am going to cruise through level 3--I hope.)
Comments from the Audition Team: "Very nice Michelle! I loved the rapport you have with Lola and she had good expression. As you progress, think... eyes, belly button, leg, then stick instead of reins to correct direction. Give Lola puzzles to solve to create more curiosity."
I agree that we have good rapport and as far as puzzles...yes! My playground is complete!

CLICK HERE to see the Level 2 Freestyle Video (Passed with Lola).

CLICK HERE to see my Level 2 Online Video (Passed with Whiskey).

ClICK HERE to see my Level 1 Video (Passed with Wilbur).


Jeanne said...

Congratulations!!! Blue string is on its way! And congratulations on your first ride on Lola. I know how that uncertainty can feel, believe me.

I guess it's time to get my camcorder out and tape our L2 Freestyle, too!
Jeanne (wyldehorse63)

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks, Jeanne! I am really happy and cannot wait for my new certificate and string. I am going to have Ginny Sue do a nice, formal framing like I did for level 1. When she did that one, we left the string out of the frame because that added a huge expense so, I just hung the string near the frame on the wall. I'll probably do the same this time as well.

Off to level 3 for me and I think liberty will be taped next. We have a few fun things going on there and I think we could pass. (But, I just really dislike being taped...all well, I've got to suck it up.)

Best wishes on your journey and I am sure you'll do great! The hardest part is fitting in what you want to in 10 minutes! :)


Naturally Gaited said...

All I can say is, "It is about damn time!" ;-)

Love ya!!


Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Well, I should have taped a long time ago, probably in the old levels, but, at least I am there now. (How I do hate the darned video...)


Natural Manners Horsmanship said...

Yippee! Horray! So Michelle…..what do you think of the audition process NOW? I didn’t like it at first either, then after I passed online L2, I was thinking it was OK, but when I passed my FSL2 I was in love with it. Congrats!

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

LOL, well, I am a bit old school and still think the old assessment method was good. But, I'll take this one too! I cannot complain. :) (Congrats on your pass too.)