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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot Horses...Having a Heatwave in the North Country!

There is a heatwave up here in the north country and the horses are dripping with sweat! We've gone from snow in April to 95-100F degree days and the horses are less than thrilled. They have been standing in the barn (by choice) and looking hot, sweaty, and miserable. Fosse isn't even talking to me at this point. Not only are we not playing, he is too hot, and thinks it is my fault! Lola and Whiskey are more forgiving. The hope is that we will have a cool-down in the next day or so and then, horse time can resume. I have been keeping the horses sprayed for bugs and am thrilled to report that they all stand still, at liberty for me to spray them. This is truly amazing for Fosse in particular because in the old days, he was terrified of fly spray! I guess our partnership is solid regardless of his opinion right now. LOL

Prior to the heatwave, I have been working on liberty sessions and riding with Lola and things are going quite well. We've primarily been using the weave and figure eight patterns with obstacles in the round pen. She is very responsive and we are having fun. I taped one session but don't plan to send it to Parelli. I think we can (and have been) doing better. I find that each time I play with her, we are more and more connected.
Well, that is it! Keep cool folks, I'll post again soon!

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Sandra Vann said...

I absolutely love your blog site. I have recommended it to others. I love your pop quiz's also. Keep up the great work!

Sandra Vann
1 Star Jr. Parelli Professional

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thank you Sandra, I appreciate it! I have to create more pop quizzes! If you have any topics you'd like me to cover, let me know! :)

Anonymous said...

How about the eight principles?

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Not sure exactly what element of the 8 Principles (or responsibilities) you want to discuss but of course, they re always relevant and for me, always part of the picture, process, and partnership! And, here they are for those of you who are unfamiliar or didn't see them on the blog (they are there).

The 8 Responsibilities for Horses and Humans

There are four responsibilites for the horse and four responsibilities for the human.

Don't act like a prey animal
(Learn to be calmer, smarter and braver.)

Maintain gait
(Don't shift gears unless I ask.)

Maintain direction
(Stay on course even if I'm not steering.)

Watch where you are going
(Be responsible for your self-carriage.)


Don't act like a predator
(I won't use force or lose my temper no matter what.)

Have an independent seat
(I never grip with my hands or below my knees for balance.)

Think like a horse-man
(I consider the horse's perspective.)

Use the natural power of Focus
(I concentrate on what I want, not on what the horse may be doing.)

Naturally yours,