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Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Day of C25K - I am going somewhere I never imagined!

I am writing tonight to tell you all that I have decided to run a 5K! Yes, I really used the word run (much to my surprise too). LOL I spoke to a personal trainer at the gym yesterday about what I've been doing regarding Weight Watchers, how much and what I do regarding exercise (7 days a week, gym workouts using various machines, home workouts using videos (walk/jog aerobics, pilates, yoga), walks outside and at the mall, we talked about how much weight I've lost, my menu planning strategy, where I plan to end up, my horsemanship goals, etc. etc. etc. I also got some tips on exercises to add to my routine to help with some "trouble-spots" too. Anyhow, the other big thing I talked about was the desire to run a 5k in the future. I feel like I need something really important to mark my progres and success in my fitness. I was thinking a few years out, he thinks I can do it by fall, easily, or sooner. So, my newest goal is to run a 5k by Fall 2010! The plan it to continue what I am doing and add in jogging (on the road).

A woman at work today (in another department) told me she is interested and asked to join me as she has done it in the past and is in need of getting back in shape. I think it is a great idea to have support so I agreed. We are going to use the C25K program (Couch to 5-K). I am not sure we will workout all that often together because of our schedules but, we plan to support each other and check-in to keep us going, give us accountability, and, we plan to run an official 5K together (she is thinking this summer, even if we do a walk/run). I downloaded all of the podcasts from the C25K website and put them on my Blackberry too. They help you do the program, keep you focused, and have music. WOW, this is not anything I'd ever imagined to be possible (or desirable for that matter). I am walking a 5K in June but now, I am talking about actually running! Once I get this under my belt, my next goal wouldprobably be to do a Ride and Tie event (probably next spring/summer? maybe get Clare involved? there are none in New York but I could go to Virginia...two people, one horse, combines trail running, endurance riding, and most of all, strategy).

Okay, so you may be thinking, all talk but how about some real action?! Well, tonight, I am very proud to say that I did my very first C25K workout (even though I was tired from a very long day)! I drove Morgan, my Great Dane to quiet, country road nearby, Rick joined us on his bike, I connected ear buds to my Blackberry, and off we went (Morgan was on a leash)! We survived, feel great, and were definitely challenged. YEAH! I am excited to do this workout again. I'll keep you posted on my progress over the next several weeks. C25K is supposed to be 9 weeks of training but, it will probably take me longer (which is fine).


Naturally Gaited said...

When you work up to running (or walking!) 7.5 miles, we will aim to do a 15 mile Ride & Tie together on Guinness in Virginia! I'll have to get into shape too. Let's plan on doing it 2 years from now. By then, Guinness will be a five year old. :-)

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

That sounds like a great plan! I don't think Lola could keep up, Whiskey is too much of a unpredictable nutjob but would have the stamina, and Fosse, who'd love it, would probably have a heart attack due to his murmur.

I cannot wait to see you! A friend who lives in Saranac Lake (horse girl) knows you are coming and we are thinking of trying to all get together.