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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Doing the Happy Dance...Celebrating My 15% Weight Loss Target!

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Today, I am very excited to share that I am celebrating meeting my 15% weight loss target! I have lost a total of 39.4 pounds since January 9th, 2010. Can you imagine how great of an impact this has had on my life overall and most importantly, my horsemanship? Can you imagine riding your horse with 15% less weight to manage? Or running around at liberty or online with your horse feeling more fit and lighter? WOW! This is incredible and although I know I have a long haul ahead of me, (both on this fitness journey as well as in my horsemanship) I feel fabulous and empowered!

Assessment and evaluation is something we do all of the time with our horsemanship. Well, assessment should also play part in other parts of life as well. I am always looking at each component of my life (horses, career, health, etc.) and trying to find ways to improve. Besides assessing my fitness, I am now faced with assessing my wardrobe! I have a real problem, nothing fits but thankfully, this time, I can say nothing fits because everything is too big! What a problem, huh? My next target is 20% loss by June 24th, 2010. Wish me luck!

If you are a plus sized rider or a healthy rider who could use some toning, no matter your level or your desire for improvement, if you are yearning to get back to your old, smaller, more athletic self (or whatever you desire), I say go for it! Just do it! If I can do it, so can you and frankly, we only live once and are well worth it. If not for you, then do it for your horse! He or she will thank you.

Here is an updated record of how much I've lost (or gained) each week:

Week 1: 1/9/10, Started Weight Watchers
Week 2: 1/16/10, Lost 6.2 lbs, Total Lost 6.2 lbs
Week 3: 1/23/10, Lost 1.6 lbs, *Started Exercising Regularly, Total Lost 7.8 lbs
Week 4: 1/30/10, Lost 3.8 lbs, Total Lost 11.6 lbs
Week 5: 2/6/20, Lost 3 lbs *Celebrating 5% Weight-loss Target!, Total Lost 14.6 lbs
Week 6: 2/13/10, Lost 2.4 lbs, Total Lost 17 lbs
Week 7: 2/20/10, Gained .2 lbs, Total Lost 16.8 lbs
Week 8: 2/27/10, Lost 1.6 lbs, Total Lost 18.4 lbs
Week 9: 3/6/10, Lost 5.6 lbs, *Biggest Loser at the Meeting!, Total Lost 24 lbs
Week 10: 3/13/10, Lost .8 lbs, Total Lost 24.8 lbs
Week 11: 3/20/10, Lost .2 lbs *Celebrating 25 lbs Lost Milestone!, Total Lost 25 lbs
Week 12: 3/27/10, Lost 3.4 lbs *Celebrating 10% Weight-loss Target!, Total Lost 28.4 lbs
Week 13: 4/3/10, Lost 2.6 lbs, Total Lost 31 lbs
Week 14: 4/10/10, Lost .8 lbs, Total Lost 31.8 lbs
Week 15: 4/17/10, Gained 1.0 lb, Total Lost 30.8 lbs
Week 16: 4/24/10, Lost 1.6 lbs, *Celebrating 16 Weeks on Program!, Total Lost 32.4 lbs
Week 17: 5/1/10, Lost 5.8 lbs, *Biggest Loser at Meeting, Total Lost 38.2 lbs
Week 18: 5/8/10, Gained 1.6 lbs, Total Lost 36.6 lbs
Week 19: 5/15/10, Lost 2.8 lbs, *Celebrating 15% Weight-loss Target!, Total Lost 39.4 lbs

PS. Morgan and I had our second run tonight. Surprisingly, it was a bit easier this time. :)

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