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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

And they're off...The Preakness is May 15th!

The middle jewel of the triple crown is just around the corner--Preakness horse racing! (Can you believe it is already May?) If you've been reading my blog over the years, you know that I used to work at several racetracks and have had many experiences in a variety of roles there (some better than others). I used to even be able to understand the racing form and choose the winning horses, although now, I am not so sure, it's been years since I've bet money on a race (not for any particular reason). Do you have your Preakness picks yet? Are you planning to attend and bet on the race or just hope for a particular horse from the comfort of home? Do you have what it takes for horse race betting or do you just a spectator?

This year's Kentucky Derby was the, "most watched in 21 years" according to TVB with NBC logging an estimated 16.5 million viewers..."Jockey Calvin Borel brought three-year-old Super Saver through a rain-soaked sloppy track to win the 136th Kentucky Derby by two-and-a-half lengths"...amazing. I wonder how many will tune into this race?

The Preakness Stakes is set to run at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore and is scheduled for the 15th of May with coverage again, by NBC. One noteworthy tradition of this race is to drape the winner with a blanket of black-eyed susans!

So what happens behind the scenes? It really differs from barn to barn for sure. One thing I'd like to encourage is that all of you race horse owners, jockeys, and even just fans, consider a few factors when being involved in this high-level sport such as:

-physical health (is your horse's weight and coat in good condition, is he mature enough to compete?)
-proper nutrition (you are what you eat and so is your horse--pay more and feed better)
-emotional health (what is your horse's horsenality--are you addressing it?)
-clean environment (keep their environment clean at all times, stall, paddock, trailer, etc.)
-appropriate tack (no need for harsh implements with your horse)
-appropriate development and preparation (take the time it takes)
-and so much more!

Let's all hope for a safe course and fun race, the race of the black-eyed susans!

Image from: http://www.preakness.com/


Brett Lovins said...

Thought your post was excellent. I grew up going to the races and as a family we would always watch all the big races... now I have an awareness of what goes on behind the scenes... and I have mixed feelings. Anyway... keep it natural.
Parelli Central

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks, Brett, for reading and your comments. My aunt had race horses and I also wokred for several barns at different tracks when I was a kid. I too have mixed feelings about the sport. I do like that PNH is "infiltrating" the TB barns as was the case with this year's derby winner. :)

Keep it natural,