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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It has been a long, tiring day day. Work was busy and stressful, I didn't get enough sleep, and found it a struggle to get to the gym...but I did. When I got home, the weather was cool and gorgeous and of course, I needed to spend time with the horses!

It occurred to me today that I have never ridden Fosse outside of an enclosed space. I know that sounds strange but, with his heart condition., I've always taken it fairly easy with him and in Virginia, the mountains were quite steep so we stayed in the arena, and here in New York, we've just never ventured beyond the fence.

Well today was the big day and a new adventure. I took Fosse out of the paddock and to the horse trailer first. (Whiskey didn't mind, Lola was calling to him, Fosse ignored her.) He loaded himself with a simple send several times, we played a few games and patterns on the ground, I let him graze on some grass, we walked down the driveway in the woods to the house and back, and then, at our "horse henge" I stood on a huge rock, rubbed him a bit, he rubbed back and almost knocked me off the rock but, I laughed and he lined up ready for me to mount. I rode him all around the front of the property along the driveway, past the garden in and out of the playground, etc. We worked on steering, disengagement of the hingquarters, 9-step back-up and more. He ate grass and didn't when asked to as well. We had a great time! ( I rode him bareback with the rope halter and 12 foot line.)

After this, the sun was going down and so I groomed him and worked on his hooves. I then groomed and worked on Lola and Whiskey's hooves too. They were fed dinner and I headed to the house (2.5 hours of horse time tonight...yeah).

I was feeling so good when I went back to the house for the evening (more energy), I decided to workout again, and did the new Leslie Sansone 3-Mile Bootcamp DVD. Both workouts were great but I am convinced Leslie was trying to kill me tonight...wow, that was a challenge! LOL I feel wonderful and better than I have in days.


Naturally Gaited said...

Go, girl!!

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

LOL--It truly was great fun. I hope to get in more horse time tonight because the meterologists are forecasting rain Thurs-Sat. :(