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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Woods, Ramps, and Lola

I took Lola for a hand walk in the woods last night, off-roading here and there, over huge downed trees, through the brush, crunchy leaves, etc. (no real trails) - she is like a bulldozer and ripped out several saplings! She was incredible and not nervous at all. To give you an idea of our location, we had to walk down the long gravel driveway (2 tenths of a mile long) through the woods past a small pond to the house, go behind the house which meant her ducking under some pine trees and squeezing through a small space, and then off into the woods behind the house. She never once acted concerned and never called to the other horses who were left behind at the front of the property. We were following Rick who was headed for the ramp patch while Lola found every grass patch to munch on! (Ramps are also know as wild leeks. And they are delicious! The word ramp is derived from "rams or ramson", an Elizabethan dialect referring to wild garlic. They grow from South Carolina to Canada.) Image from: http://www.psycomp.com/images/ramps.jpg

When we returned back to the house from the woods, I decided that she could eat a bit more in the small lawn by the house which she was delighted about. Then, I put on my helmet, climbed on the back of the 4-wheeler (with trailer attached), asked Lola to line up for mounting, and boarded bareback with the 12 foot lead (attached to her rope halter of course) in hand. I asked her to just sit still for a minute or two and flex which she did. Then, I asked her to move forward (riding one-reined) with the idea that I'd ride back down the driveway to the barn. Well, she had other ideas...eating the grass. I felt like she was not listening to me very well, not respecting me as leader, and I felt a bit unsafe so, after a few minutes of arguing with her, I dismounted. Then, I felt terrible, sad, like a failure, like I wanted to cry. My husband asked me what was wrong and I told him I was upset to have dismounted. He remarked that I was doing exactly what I should as she was acting unsafe (he saw everything) and that I needed to reassert my leadership on the ground (oh duh, I know this). Anyhow, I composed myself (never did cry thank goodness) and thanked him for the reality check. I walked her back to the barn playing along the way (but no grass munching allowed).

Once we were near the barn, I allowed a little munching of the grass but, worked on telling her when it was okay and when it was not (working on leadership). Then, I took her in the large from paddock, played more on the ground, mounted again and we rode bareback, one-reined all around. She did extremely well listening to my cues and we ended on a very good note. I groomed everyone, checked and cleaned hooves, fed them, and went back to the house feeling very satisfied. I realized that Lola and I accomplished a great deal (she had never even been back to the house before, only down the driveway once and definitely not in the woods--especially woods lacking trails).

We were successful...I need to give myself a break sometimes...geeze! When I was at the barn with her, she layed her head on the back of my neck and just hung out, I love her so much, she is adorable!

Tonight's forecast is rain, I hope I get home in soon enough for horsey playtime tonight! :) Keep it natural folks and have fun with your horses!

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