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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Loving horse time these days...

I just wanted to post a quick message while I take a break today (I needed to to take the dogs out and get lunch and decided to write a bit.)

I planned to haul Lola to my friend's this morning and play in her wonderful indoor arena however, my trailer brakes are having a strange issue. (They work only if the lights on the truck are off--makes no sense.) Argh! Needless to say, we are not going anywhere now! Today's new agenda ... remove the downed trees in the horse playground and stack it for firewood,fill holes, burn tree tops, get out the obstacles, work on the fence, and play horsey!

I've been playing with the horses and riding now, more regularly, and I am very pleased with our progress. Earlier in the season, I found myself feeling very nervous, something I plan to blog about soon, I just need more time to digest it all and reflect a bit more. Anyhow, now, I feel back to my old crazy self, totally ready to take on the world, with no nerves, and having a much better time with the horses! Ah, the good ole' days. :)

I am now finding that any emotional "stuff" with Lola (her emotions that is) are more easily and quickly disappearing. Last night when she started getting emotional, I just stopped what we were doing, took a breath rather than let it frustrate me, I was on the ground playing with her and the trailer (which by the way she had been in and out of several times already), starred at her thinking "what is the problem" and I swear she looked back at me thinking, "I don't know" and then her emotional outburst stopped and we progressed again, she got in the trailer by a simple send, turned around, and just hung out (I gave her a cookie). Just something to note, this play session did not involve a carrot stick which is something I typically used with her...hmmm...we must be getting more refined. Anyhow, she is loading herself in the trailer, playing all kinds of patterns with the obstacles, and I've been sitting on her and riding her around the paddock and over the logs, around the trees, etc. Fosse and I are doing well and starting to do more particular patterns and maneuvers these days, he is such a joy to be around. Whiskey, well you know, my special needs horse! LOL Anyhow, I rode him today too and he started with some of his antics. I basically ignored him, relaxed, gave him time to get his brain collected, and we'd move on...it worked very well and we had a great time.

I guess that is it! I just am feeling great, the horses are doing great, and for the first time in a long while, I feel successful, feel like all of my horses are usable (for lack of a better term), and like there is a fun future ahead! :) Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Image from: http://www.paddypowerpoker.com/upload/images/funny%20horse.jpg

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