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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Like Night and Day

I just have a brief post for this evening but I could not wait to share. As you know if you read my previous post about the two-hour session with Lola, yesterday, she was quite the challenge and not my partner, not really (except at the very end). Well, I am pleased to report that tonight's session was much different.

When I got home this evening, under the threat of rain, I decided to see how she'd do should I ask her to perform the two primary tasks from yesterday. The first, circling game at the walk on a 22 foot line with the line dragging as if it was not there and the second, loading in the trailer when sent.

When I retrieved Lola this evening, she seemed eager to be with me. I took her to the trailer first and asked for her to load. She only hesitated for one second and then right in she went. She hung out, turned around, just stood there, and came out when asked, very calm and collected (unlike the scattered horse she was yesterday). We did this several times and I was very pleased (I suspect she was too). Next, we went to the round pen area (still no fence there), and I started by walking in her zone three and taking a lap, she was fine. We then quickly played the 7 games, just at the level 1 version and all was good. I then asked for the circle and all I had to do was point and she went, willingly, in the right direction, at a calm walk which was precisely what I wanted (not the galloping freak she was yesterday). We did this both ways and went back to the trailer and viola, she loaded again with ease. I decided this horse looked rideable. So, as the clouds kept forming overhead, I went to the barn with her and exchanged the 22 foot line for my 12 foot line, put on my riding helmet, and off to the paddock with her (where Fosse and Whiskey were hanging out). I stood on this huge log and played friendly with her for a few minutes. Then, I put my leg over her back and hurried up to do nothing. In my pocket were some corn pops and so, I asked for lateral flexion from both sides and basically wanted her to have a good experience with me just sitting there. I did this primarily because the last time I rode her, she was very emotional, would not flex, and was not being my partner (I don't think that at that session, I took the time to partner with her). We did this exercise in relaxation for about 10 minutes. I allowed her to put her head to the ground to retrieve the treats that dropped, fed Fosse, Whiskey, and her treats, flex right, flex left, all was very good, trust from me to her and her to me. Then, it started to rain. I decided that the session was excellent and we were at a good point to stop. What a nice follow-up session to a tremendously emotional and challenging session. I cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow (should the weather cooperate).

Image from: http://www.joartcologne.com/cbay/chorse-portrait-m/70bwduet2-0.jpg

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