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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Celebrating 16 Weeks On Program!

Well, it has been 16 total weeks on the Weight Watchers program and16 weeks since I took the hardest step in the journey, admitting I had an issue and walking through the door to deal with it. Once in the door, I signed up, paid my registration and meeting dues, got on the scale, was weighed by a complete stranger, and got started on this journey. Whew! And so, here I am, 16 weeks later, feeling great and 32.4 pounds lighter. I feel so much more fit and athletic in all aspects of my life but most especially with the horses. I believe that my weight may have been wreaking havoc with my confidence as well (although I didn't realize it until now). I understand that I have a long way to go but, I think that I am off to a great start. This is a life-long commitment and I accept that.

For the most part, it has been painless and not overly difficult. I have had my share of times where I felt emotional, wanted to lose more weight faster, felt discouraged, but, I've taken hold of this and use my husband and WW group for support when I need to be carried through a "crisis." One of our members created a Facebook Page and Website. I help her with them and I recently created a brochure to support the North Country Weight Watchers group as well. This additional outlet is wonderful. It has added cohesion to the group so that we not only support each other once a week but now, on a daily basis. It is awesome.

Several of us are planning to walk a 5-K as part of the Weight Watchers Momentum 5-K Walk-It Challenge on June 5th. I don't see this as a problem for me as I am doing 5 mile aerobic workouts these days using weights, stretchie bands, and much more! I have scheduled five practice sessions for the group and then, the sixth week is our event. Many of us are already getting 5-7 days of exercise so the short time-frame should be just fine!

Some of the keys to my success are those shared at the meeting. These are the Weight Watchers Ten Topics of 2010!
  1. Keep a Journal (Write down everything you eat, how you are feeling, if you’ve exercised, etc.)
  2. Use Filling Foods Technique (Eat nutrient rich, filling foods that satisfy you.)
  3. Start Moving! (Exercise if key!)
  4. Understand Emotional Hunger vs. Actual Hunger
  5. Motivation (Explore what motivates you and surround yourself with people who are encouraging and supportive.)
  6. Make Healthier Living a Priority
  7. Enjoy Dining Out (While staying on plan.)
  8. Make Your Kitchen WW Friendly
  9. Avoid Boredom (Be creative and try new things.)
  10. Acknowledge Your Strengths (No negative self-talk allowed.)

Here is an updated record of how much I've lost (or gained) each week:

Week 1: January 9, 2010, Started Weight Watchers

Week 2: January 16, 2010, Lost 6.2 lbs, Total Lost 6.2 lbs

Week 3: January 23, 2010, Lost 1.6 lbs, *Started Exercising Regularly, Total Lost 7.8 lbs

Week 4: January 30, 2010, Lost 3.8 lbs, Total Lost 11.6 lbs

Week 5: February 6, 2010, Lost 3 lbs *Reached 5% Weight-loss Target!, Total Lost 14.6 lbs

Week 6: February 13, 2010, Lost 2.4 lbs, Total Lost 17 lbs

Week 7: February 20, 2010, Gained .2 lbs, Total Lost 16.8 lbs

Week 8: February 27, 2010, Lost 1.6 lbs, Total Lost 18.4 lbs

Week 9: March 6, 2010, Lost 5.6 lbs, *Biggest Loser at the Meeting!, Total Lost 24 lbs

Week 10: March 13, 2010, Lost .8 lbs, Total Lost 24.8 lbs

Week 11: March 20, 2010, Lost .2 lbs *Reached 25 lbs Lost Milestone!, Total Lost 25 lbs

Week 12: March 27, 2010, Lost 3.4 lbs *Reached 10% Weight-loss Target!, Total Lost 28.4 lbs

Week 13: April 3, 2010, Lost 2.6 lbs, Total Lost 31 lbs

Week 14:
April 10, 2010, Lost .8 lbs, Total Lost 31.8 lbs

Week 15: April 17, 2010, Gained 1.0 lb, Total Lost 30.8 lbs

Week 16: April 24, 2010, Lost 1.6 lbs, *Celebrating 16 Weeks on Program!, Total Lost 32.4 lbs


Natural Manners Horsmanship said...

Congrats...as a chubby myself...thanks for the inspiration. I need to get it in gear, as I know my weight is hampering my life with horses too.....well, my life in general.
Again, congrats!

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks! Think visualization...and stop calling yourself a "chubby", LOL I keep thinking fit and thin, not just thin becuase I love being strong and fit more than anything.

I have to share...I feel awesome! Last night I just 6 miles of Leslie Sansone with jogging segments plus a cool down in 79 minutes! What happened is I meant to do the 5 mile workout but accidentally chose the 5th mile. So, when that was done, rather than call it quits, I restarted the DVD and did the entire 5 mile workout making it a 6 miles! Here is the link to the video. (I cannot believe that I am this fit now, back in January I'd have never been able to do this.)

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Oh, another thing I wanted to share. The weather is so beautiful, cool and sunny, the best. I am pleased to report that I just got back from an impromptu
walk in the woods, down the driveway to the barn, fed the horses, walked around the horse/dog play ground, around the big field's perimeter, and back down the driveway to the house. It was about 30 minutes, low intensity, and very nice. I was with Morgan my Great Dane (who had a blast running around at liberty) and RIck, my sweet hubby.

Naturally Gaited said...

Yeah for you for sticking with it!! It doesn't even matter how much you lose each week, at long as you are moving in the right direction.

Thanks for posting the list of keys to your success. Number 4 hit home.

I can't wait to come visit!!

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Hey Clare, it just occurred to me that your first day here will be the 5K day! If you are hear early in the morning, you can join me! (Although I think you waid you'd be here around lunch time.) Anyhow, thank you for the encouragement. :)

Now off to see the horses...I plan to ride today.