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Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

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What a wonderful day it was here in the North Country today. Rick and I enjoyed spending time outside, he worked on cleaning up the property and I trimmed Whiskey's hooves. As usual, Fosse and Lola were right there checking things out. Lola is quite the character though, as she put her head over Whiskey's neck and just stood there staring at me! She is a goofy girl for sure. Whiskey was acting up a bit with the trim (even when Lola was gone) and wanted to yank his foot from me (this is not a new trick, something he's done on and off for years). Rather than letting it happen and just starting over (as I'd done in the past), I decided to try a new strategy. I decided that this was a power-play and nothing more, a chance to show my leadership and herd hierarchy to him. So, when he tried to pull it up and away, I flexed it towards his belly (in a comfortable, natural position) and held it there kind of like hand hobbling him---this is a position I've seen Pat do in a recent DVD (although I cannot recall exactly which one at the moment). When I felt he understood what I was asking for and that his reactions would only get him the use of three legs, I slowly put his leg down and massaged it (I literally only had to do this one time). Anyhow, Whiskey stopped his antics after this and thus, I believe my thoughts on this being a leadership issue seem true! Cool.

After the trim was done and the horses were groomed, Rick and I decided to get the big field's fence in order and set things up to allow the horses to run out there. Well, did they run! WOW. They ran and ran and ran, like race horses. Poor Lola could not keep up with the Arabs though, however she sure did try! It was a clear example of how Arabians can run 100 miles and Quarter Horses only a quarter of a mile! (She did a bit better than that.) Once they were done, they followed Rick and I around the field, took turns rolling, and tried to find some tidbits to graze on. They seemed very happy.

And so, spring has definitely sprung here (but I wouldn't be surprised if an April snow happened). :)

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