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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Liberty is the Truth...Lola is great fun and my partner!

Image from: http://horse.toon-ville.com/hca.jpg

It has been a very productive day here at Hidden Meadows. Rick and I got up early this morning, took care of the dogs, got dressed, had a light breakfast, and headed outside to the horses. We cleaned the barn, unloaded a truckload of shavings, fed and groomed the horses, and while he got a load of firewood to take to the house, I played with Lola! We also cleaned the dog pen after the big thaw (ewe)...I am so thankful we put up a huge, gravel pen for them to go potty outside in!

Access to the big field and play ground was open at the barn entrance allowing the horses to go wherever they'd like. I decided to walk around and pick up any bits of paper or other remnants from the winter and just enjoy being around the horses and the cool, fall-like weather (it is snowing now--better than the forecasted rain I think). Lola immediately joined me and quickly walked to catch up and to put me into her zone 3. Very interesting I thought as working in this zone was something we did a bit throughout the winter. Anyhow, I walked here and there, around the downed trees (these are the ones we need to remove from the play ground for firewood), picking up the barrels that had blown around, and there was Lola, hanging around with me and checking things out. Fosse and Whiskey were having more fun running around and they'd come see us and take off bucking and kicking. Since Lola seemed attached to me, if she looked towards them, I'd smooch, look at her hindquarters and ask for a turn and face, I easily go it and she stayed with me (very nice).

I headed back to the barn to put few bits of trash in the garbage can, Lola in tow. I retrieved my carrot stick with savvy string attached and thought I'd find out what the "truth" was with our current relationship and see how far I could go with a liberty session (especially with Fosse and Whiskey carrying on around us--by the way, when they'd show up. I'd play with them too so they didn't feel ignored but the majority of my attention was on her). At any time, she could have left me and ran out into the field, to the barn, or anywhere else but, she didn't and stayed with me.

We played the 7 games at liberty using the downed and standing trees, barrels, and tire obstacles as places to do things. She did everything I asked, driving, yo-yo, porcupine, etc. She was very engaged. I also massaged her all over, picked her feet up (from one side), led her by her leg with the savvy string (she initially seemed reluctant but did it and improved each time we tried), and played stick to me at the walk between trees, between the tire obstacles, and in the open areas. We wandered between the play ground and the barn paddock, over and through trees, here and there (I didn't go out to the big field, not for any particular reason, just didn't). Sure enough, despite the boys being around, Lola was my partner!

I finally headed back to the barn to put my stick and string away because I needed to get to the house for more chores. I walked with all of the horses by my side, it was cool although not unusual, we all have a great bond it seems. I saw Rick and joked with him that it was my little goat herd! Anyhow, one last really cool thing happened. Whiskey was in the barn getting a drink, Lola, Fosse and I were standing in the driveway (in the area where the horses cross from one area to the next). I wanted to give Lola a cue to back by me putting the slightest feel on her tail but she just stood there. I was not sure what to do, no halter or lead line, hmmm I thought, I then decided to get in her zone three, use my left hand and stick to drive her in front of her chest and I put the slightest feel on her tail with my right hand. She backed up immediately and many steps with energy and interest! This was the first time I ever tried this with any horse and Lola got it, instantly. Rick showed up and I wanted to show him . I figured it could have been a fluke anyway but yelled over for him to watch just in case we could do it again. Sure enough, she backed immediately!

I love this horse (I love them all)...she's is going to be great fun (she already is). I can only imagine what more time with her will lead to (I see successful assessments in our future). YEAH!


Naturally Gaited said...

Very cool! :-))

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

I totally agree, Clare. You and Guiness's adventures are an inspiration to me too! :)


strivingforsavvy said...

Way to go. It is a wonderful feeling when you get that level of partnership!