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Monday, February 01, 2010

Sweet Lola

I have to tell you about Lola yesterday. As you know, she is quite a character. She has been testing my leadership and our relationship which I respect and love by the way--she is a character! And, things are going well. Anyhow, yesterday, Rick and I went to get hay and as we were leaving, I fed the horses outside rather than in the barn, everyone was running around, I drove each to their respective dish and all seemed well. We were gone for maybe an hour. When we came home, I was in the barn cleaning up and Rick called me to check on Whiskey, that he didn't look good. I ran out in the paddock right away. Whiskey was laying on the ground (in the upright laying position) and trembling in a very strange way (not like shivering out of coldness). He had a blanket on. He acted very strange and would not get up. I retreived a halter and leadline, still, he would not budge. I was petting him and talking to him but he was just acting very strange. Well, Lola was right there with me, checking on Whiskey, looking at me, and then back at Whiskey. I finally had to ask Rick to come in the paddock and try to make Whiskey stand (it seemed like a good idea). Rick came in and finally got him up by pushing on the off side and me pulling a little and talking to him. He stood and I started walking him around, Lola followed us around. I took him in the barn and got him to drink some water, I put another blanket on him, and gave him banamine. Through all of this, Lola had her head laying over his neck, looking at me. She seemed concerned about Whiskey (if that is possible--maybe anthropomorphic on my part--but I don't care). Anyhow, rather than bully him around like she does, she was acting very caring and adorable with him. I let him go and within a few minutes, he seemed ok. He started eating hay about 30 minutes later, Lola by his side (Fosse now too). (He is fine today by the way.)

Once this was all over, Rick and I went back to unloading hay, getting water, and cleaning and Ms. Lola reappeared, checked in on me, and hung out for a bit while I picked the poo. What a nice girl. :) before I left, she placed her head on my chest and just stood there. I enjoyed this quiet moment very much. :)


Naturally Gaited said...

I predict that Lola will evolve into your "horsey soulmate." Watch out Rick! ;-)


Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

I think that she is wonderful...much like a female Fosse. I believe that I am starting to better understand her and am not taking some of her mannerisms personally...always a good thing. :)


geoffr said...

Did you find out what was wrong? Is he quite ok now?
Lola and he seem to have a special bond...who said horses were stupid!? Yet I've heard that before in x (you don't want to know!!) years of horses and it just shows an ignorance of these lovely animals.
Geoff Roberts
H10 For Horses - www.h10.com.au

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Whiskey is doing fine now. He was that day after the banamine and some water. I suspect he may have been having the beginnings of gas colic but I certainly cannot be sure. The other thing I thought of is that he could have been kicked. Anyhow, he is fabulous and normal.

Lola is a special horse, I think all three of mine are, and horses are definitly not stupid as you well know.

Thanks for reading and asking about Whiskey. :)