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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weekly Task Challenge: Find an Educational Opportunity

If you don't know what to do, have little time, or just feeling stuck, try the weekly task as a way to at least do something with your horse! (It just may motivate you to do more.)

As your journey progresses, you may find the need for many educational materials. These often come in the form of DVDs, online videos, pocket guides, books, articles, the Savvy Club Vault, and more. Another form of educational support it to get some hands on help from a Parelli Professional. This week's task is to sign up for some in-person educational support (at least one opportunity). Contact the person coordinating the event, and commmit to attend.

Here are some ideas. If you have others, please share using the comments option!
  • Sign up to audit a Parelli clinic or workshop.
  • Sign up to participate in a Parelli clinic or workshop.
  • Organize a Parelli clinic or workshop.
  • Sign up for a course at the Parelli International Savvy Center.
  • Sign up for private lesssons with a Parelli Professional.
  • Get tickets for a Parelli Across America, Australia, or Europe event.
  • Get tickets for a Parelli Savvy Summit.

Click here for the Official Parelli Website.

Click here for the Official Parelli Savvy Club Website

Click here for a list of Parelli instructors and their clinic and workshop offerings.

Click here for a list of Parelli Centers to take a course.

Click here for more information on Parelli Across the World events.

*Weekly tasks are based on many different Parelli resources I have studied as well as my own ideas on how to proceed through my journey. Some of the content was copied to make it easier to put up in a timely manner. Please consult parelli.com for any official instructions or materials.


Lisa said...

Done, Done and Done. Two camps with 5* Parelli Professional Carol Coppinger, hosting lessons with a friend and new 1* Instructor and attending at least one Parelli tour event.

Another idea, even if you're new to the program, check out the Parelli-friendly trainers (a list is posted on the website). Just auditing someone like Craig Johnson or Karen Rohlf can show you more about putting principles to purpose and where this program can take you and your horsemanship.

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Hi Lisa,

You are definitly right! I have signed up to audit a one-day lessons with Jonathan Fields (studied under Parelli) in Lunenberg, Ontario in February as well as audit a two-day clinic with Craig Johnson in Ashton, Ontario in March! I am really looking forward to these experiences.

(I am also planning to go to a clinic with Lola this year.)


Lisa said...

I have heard wonderful things about Jonathan Fields. There are two of his DVDs that I want - ground driving and riding with contact.

We have Aimee Brimhall - fomer PNH instructor - just about an hour away and I'm going to audit her this year as well.