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Thursday, January 07, 2010

An Ah-Ha Moment: How to Be Prepared AND In the Moment

If you follow Linda Parelli on Facebook, you'll have probably read yesterday's note, "How to Be Prepared AND in the Moment." A fellow PNHr talked about her experiences at the ISC and how she was told to "live in the moment" more and that she was bringing too many "what-ifs" into the interactions with her horse. Linda remarked, "...The best time to prepare is before you are with your horse, even the night before! Make your plan and mentally explore what could go wrong and what you would do about it. This is mental preparation. Then when you are with your horse, play out your plan - don't go in expecting to have problems or you cannot function as a leader. You have to go in with a plan of what you're going to accomplish with your horse today and do everything you can to set yourself and your horse up for success to achieve your goals. By being prepared for the unthinkable the idea is to automatically do the right thing in an unexpected situation because although it may be a surprise in the moment, it should not be something you don't know how to handle..."

This was a great article for me to read and I thank you Linda so much for posting it. I think that I have finally figured out how I was going wrong with my RBI, Whiskey. As our relationship and my savvy progressed, I started over mental rehearsing all of the what-if scenarios and he is a very sensitive horse and I am certain that his last major (public) melt-down was precipitated by my energy due to this.
Here are some of the what-ifs...can you think of more?
What if my horse:
  • does not load in the trailer
  • won't stand still to mount
  • does not want me to ride him
  • bucks
  • runs away
  • spooks
  • bites
  • makes a fool of me
  • forgets everything we know
  • woke up on the wrong side of the corral

What if I:

  • am a failure
  • look stupid
  • look fat
  • lose the competition
  • feel unsafe and have to dismount in front of people
  • cannot get on my horse
  • cannot get off my horse
  • forget everything I know
What an ah-ha moment for me, what an empowering moment, what a freeing moment that will allow me to play with my horse again with a different mindset and get back to having fun, like we used to when I didn't think so hard! I am going to get back to mental rehearsing and planning before my interaction and then play with the horse that show up and reacts as needed to the situation, no second guessing, no anticipating, just living and playing in the moment.

WOW---smack---I needed that! LOL! Keep it natural, keep it savvy, and HAVE FUN! :) Until next time...


Lisa said...

I have found my best strategy for keeping the "what If" monster at bay is to answer him. What if Cricket bucks? She's done it before and I've come off and I've lived. What if I look fat? Well, I am, so what. What if my horse doesn't load? Then I take the time it takes. What if people look at me funny? I don't know them and I may never see them again but I have to look Cricket in the eye every day so I'll do it my/her way, thank you very much.

When I finally started being realistic with the what if's amazing things happened. What an excellent reminder!

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

As always, Lisa, thank you for your insight. I always appreciate your feedback, tips, hints, and the like! :)


Lisa said...

You are most welcome! Like your Whiskey, my Cricket is a huge challenge to my savvy. It's been hard, at times, to reset my goals and expectations to match her timeline. I love finding the moments when I get in my own way. Sometimes it's a challenge to remedy but other times, simple awareness is all it takes to remove one more hurdle from the journey. Then we're another step closer to our perfect partnership.