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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Must Read Book List

Here are some book titles on the must read list. Please send me more titles and I'll continue to add to it. I know that I've missed some good ones! A link is in the selected links section to help you find this post easily in the future.

Discovering Natural Horsemanship Discovering Natural Horsemanship— A Beginner's Odyssey chronicles one man's obsession to get better with horses in a gentle way. Author Tom Moates' life and work were on a horseless path until serendipity brought Niji, a sorrel gelding, into his life. Nothing has been the same since. http://www.eclectic-horseman.com/mercantile/product_info.php?products_id=341

Farming with Horses by Steve Bowers Full color glossy new book written by Steve Bowers for MBI Publishing. 160 pages, over 200 color photos and illustations by professional photographer and computer generated graphics expert Marlen Steward. This book makes a nice companion to our "Harnessing, Hitching, and Driving the Draft and Driving Horse" video set because it covers many of the same topics in written and photo format. (He consulted with Pat Parelli on driving naturally.) http://www.bowersfarm.com/book.html

Great Lies We Live By -- by Stephanie Burns, PhD Great Lies We Live By is the story of the hidden lessons we learned in school, and how those lessons may be affecting the choices we make now as adults. Great Lies is read widely by parents, teachers, students and business men and women. It is a book for anyone who wants an honest shot at re-evaluating the experiences and lessons from the days in the classroom, and who wish to develop new strategies for learning and managing information. http://www.stephanieburns.com/products/greatlies.asp

Move Closer Stay Longer A must have book! Don't let fear keep you from getting what you want, doing what you want, & going where you want to go. by Stephanie Burns, PhD http://www.stephanieburns.com/products/movecloser.asp

Natural Horse-Man-Ship: Six Keys to a Natural Horse-Human Relationship Written by Pat Parelli and published by Western Horseman, this book shows you the Six Keys to a natural horse-human relationship: attitude, knowledge, tools, techniques, time and imagination. http://www.parelli.com/product.faces?productId=20

Natural Horsemanship Explained: From Heart to Hands by Robert M. Miller (Author), Patrick Handley (Introduction) Dr. Miller’s book will be a useful addition to the library of anyone who is a horse lover, professional or student, working to improve their skills at reading behavior, communicating, riding or simply enjoying horses.--Sharon J. Spier, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Horsemanship-Explained-Heart-Hands/dp/159921234X/ref=pd_sim_b_title_15

On Horsemanship written c. 350 BC by Xenophon On Horsemanship written c. 350 BC by Xenophon is one of the earliest extant treatises on horsemanship in the Western world (the oldest is the one written by Kikkuli of the Indo-Aryan Mitanni Kingdom). In it, Xenophon details the selection, care, and training of horses for the use both in the military and for general use. One of the most important qualities in a horse, Xenophon writes, is that it have a fleshy (or "double") back. This presumably is due to the fact that Xenophon wrote this treatise before the invention of the saddle. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_Horsemanship_(Xenophon)

Raise Your Hand if You Love Horses So, who exactly is Pat Parelli and what drives the man who's become known as the world's foremost proponent of natural horsemanship? Indeed most people don't realize that he and his wife, Linda, coined this descriptive term used in headlines worldwide. "Natural Horsemanship" is Pat Parelli. http://www.parelli.com/product.faces?productId=19

The Horse Crucified and Risen / Book - “The Horse Crucified and Risen” (Horse Encyclopaedia) by Alexander Nevzorov Now you have a great possibility to buy an anusual book “The Horse Crucified and Risen” (“Horse Encyclopaedia”) created by Alexander Nevzorov. The book opens to a reader secrets of education of a horse without any violence, without any bits and punishment. Moreover, this book includes unlimited hard analysis such a phenomenons as equestrian sport, history of cavalry, history of means of enforcement. http://www.hauteecole.ru/en/horse_encyclopaedia.php?sid=24&id=342

The Natural Horse Care Book by Pat Coleby Proper horse care begins with good nutrition practices. Chances are, if a horse needs medical attention, the causes can be traced to poor feeding practices, nutrient-deficient feed, bad farming and, ultimately, imbalanced, demineralized soil. Pat Coleby shares decades of experience working with a variety of horses. She explains how conventional farming and husbandry practices compromise livestock health, resulting in problems that standard veterinary techniques can’t properly address. Natural Horse Care addresses a broad spectrum of comprehensive health care, detailing dozens of horse ailments, discussing their origins, and offering proven, natural treatments. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0911311653

The Revolution in Horsemanship: And What It Means to Mankind by Robert Miller, Rick Lamb, Hugh Downs There has been a change in how we treat our horses: We no longer "break" them to harness or saddle; we "gentle" them, so they become our partners, their natural grace and athleticism restored and enhanced through humane and thoughtful methods. http://www.amazon.com/Revolution-Horsemanship-What-Means-Mankind/dp/159228387X/ref=pd_sim_b_title_17

True Horsemanship Through Feel, Second Edition (Paperback) by Bill Dorrance (Author), Leslie Desmond (Author) “If you take away everything that Bill is known for—his roping, the rawhide work, his horsemanship, all of it—what you find you have underneath is a really fine human being.” http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1599210568/ref=reg_hu-wl_item-added

True Unity: Willing Communication Between Horse and Human by Tom Dorrance (Author), Milly Hunt Porter (Editor) If you aspire to excellence in your horsemanship, this is a must read. If you are looking for a "how-to" book, this is not it. This is a deeply philosophical book in that it provides a broad, conceptual framework in which to think about and interact with your horse. You cannot speed read or skim this book. In order to "get" Mr. Dorrance's message, you must read it slowly and meditate upon what he is saying. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1884995098/ref=wl_it_dp?ie=UTF8&coliid=I178VUYWTR4JDO&colid=2VY6O8AS7KDCZ

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