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Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Step Forward and Not Looking Back

Yesterday, I made the difficult decision to disband the North Country Parelli Play Group (NCPPG) for good this time, no turning back, just moving forward to future endeavors - truly, this is a positive step. I've thought about it for some time and Pat Parelli's famous quote, "Don't walk the extra mile for someone walking in the opposite direction." was resonating in my brain for some time. I believe I've done the right thing and believe that the Universe has been speaking to me, it sent me Lola, and now, it is telling me that it is time to focus on my journey and to move forward. I've tried to make the NCPPG work but we are all just busy and have different focuses, different goals, and are not necessarily going in the same direction (which is okay). If you recall, I wrote about some of this in my post, Living in the Lonely Barn with Normals Lurking All Around. I may have mentioned in a previous post that I joined the Eastern Ontario Natural Horsemanship Club This is a well-established group with whom I hope to find a good fit. The expenses of hauling my horse over the border to Canada are considerable but, if all goes as I hope, it will be well worth it.
Anyhow, here is the message I sent to the group yesterday to explain it all and I can only hope that they all understand (I've not heard a word from anyone). Until next time...

Good Evening North Country Parelli Play Group Members,

I am writing to you all this evening with a heavy heart. (I know this does not sound good, right?) I have been having several conversations with Rick and have done a great deal of reflecting over the past several months about the play group and its future. As you know, we were in this same position last year and I was asked to continue to try to keep it going and I agreed to. Unfortunately, regardless of my efforts, nothing has really changed, our membership numbers are down, attendance at educational meetings has been spotty at best, play dates and meetings have been cancelled due to no one being able to attend, participation in online discussion extremely limited, responses for events is minimal, and the time investment fairly great on my end (not that I regret any of it). It seems that we've tried to get this thing off the ground with several changes but it has ultimately fallen flat. I believe that we all are simply extremely busy and are doing our own thing, when we can. It is very hard to get people all together and unfortunately, the NCPPG is no exception. I realize that if the focus were expanded, there may have been a different result but my goal was a Parelli play group, nothing more.

Friendships we have made are wonderful and I wish to continue them so please don't become strangers. I am not going anywhere. I certainly won't mind getting together as friends,with any of you, but the coordination as an "official group" will no longer take place. I apologize for us being where we are but I've done everything I can think of to be successful but to no avail. Therefore, I plan to disband the group for good, no turning back, no more attempts, no future startups. I have to call this the official end of the NCPPG.

I plan to focus my attention on my career, on developing the farm, on my family, and of course, on my horsemanship. I've joined a Parelli play group in Canada that is well established, full of members, and full of opportunities. This is a group where I can just be a member and play with my horses, advance my skills, and move forward. I have three events I am attending in the coming weeks with them and am very excited (two lecture series (one in Monkland, ON and the other in Rigaud, QC and a hands-on play date in Lunenburg, ON.) I won't be hauling this time of year but, will be hauling over the border in the Spring. Fortunately, the group members have many extra horses and I'll be able to get experience with them at the winter events. I still plan to haul to Carol Robert's place when the weather is disagreeable to be outside without a cover well.

I hope that you all keep in touch and understand this difficult decision. I love Parelli Natural Horsemanship (it is integrated into every aspect of my life), I love the idea of studying PNH together, I just don't see the NCPPG working in this capacity as was the vision and mission of the group.

I won't shut the website down right away, in case you need to save links, files, contacts, etc. I do apologize for springing this on you all, but, it seems like the right thing to do and the timing seems right. If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to call me! If you want to watch a video, call! I do plan to see you all, please don't think I am abandoning our relationships, I truly am not.

I am still placing the Parelli order so if you need something, we can coordinate our efforts. Just let me know as soon as you can please.

With regards to the December 10th event, we only have one sign-up and so it is going to be cancelled. I am thinking of having a party later in the season (maybe New Years?) and will be in touch if we do something.

Naturally yours,


Marion Princic said...

Hi Michelle, I´ve told you before that I know some of the people from the Ontario group and they are all very nice! I miss them alot! Don´t walk the extra mile for someone walking in the opposite direction - thanks for reminding me Michelle! I needed to hear that one again... I hope that we move back to Canada in a few years and maybe I will see you then in one of the meetings - if not before. I´m planing to visit some friends in the spring time. Greetings from Sweden
Marion & Milva

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks, Marion. I am really looking forward to meeting them, and YOU! *hugs* Michelle/arabhorselover1

Lisa said...

Don't beat yourself up over it. Sometimes things run their course - short, long, weird, twisted, whatever - and then you move on. Maybe this group didn't pan out the way you had hoped or envisioned and that's okay. You have your journey to make as does everyone else. But maybe, weeks or months or years from now, one of those not-so-dedicated people will have a challenging horse and they'll remember something you said or did and they'll log onto the website and it might just change their lives forever.

Never underestimate the power of a pebble tossed in a pond. Even though the pebble may quickly sink to the bottom, the ripples may go on to unseen shores.

~ Lisa

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thanks, Lisa. I actually had some nice words from a member that said that very thing, that if I hadn't helped her, she'd still not be able to get her horse in the trailer (and now she takes him everywhere). Another had asked to be able to contact me and touch base on her project horse. I made some really good connections and I believe that a couple of us will continue to see eachother. Perhaps taking the formality out of it is a good thing. :)