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Friday, October 02, 2009

Living in the Lonely Barn with Normals Lurking All Around

For those of you on the Parelli path, the title may have struck a chord. Whether you are in a boarding barn or in a rural area, no matter your background, there is a chance you are around so-called normals and it seems there are more of them than us (those in PNH). This can be a very lonely place. Edie Brogan has been writing a blog that I have been reading about her PNH journey and her last post, graduation day from the ISC, addresses the idea of normals and loneliness PNHrs suffer as a consequence of isolation from others like ourselves. Please do go read her entire entry, it is excellent (read the others too, she has shared a great deal with us all). My comment to Edie on her blog, and now I am posting it here to share with you all is:

Thank you for sharing this letter, Edie. I am isolated from any Parelli people in my area, trying to run a Parelli Play Group to get people interested that isn’t working well, and trying to stay positive regardless of the isolation. I am a SC Gold member and am ever thankful for the resources and support. People around my area just don’t seem to get it and don’t care to. Several are trying to get me to a local tack and horse auction this weekend and I have politely declined several times, finally saying that I don’t like those environments and cannot stand to watch what goes on there, that I don’t buy tack that is sold there, etc. I only want to be around Parelli people but there are none to be had in these parts! I am alone. *sigh* On a positive note, I am heading to a private lesson with Fawn Anderson in Ottawa, Canada (about 2 hours away) in a few weeks, this may be the best break I get for a while. Good luck in Normalsville, it can be an ugly place.

Whether I am in isolation or not is irrelevant however because I will always put my principles before goals. I am a life-long dedicated student of Parelli Natural Horsemanship. It works for me and it works for my horses, period. I am proud to be part of this movement, this philosophy, this journney. I will continue on my journey, developing my horsemanship, developing my horses, and enjoying the trip, no matter what!

"Don't walk the extra mile for someone walking in the opposite direction." -Pat Parelli

Evening Update: Fawn's schedule changed and it conflicts with mine. So, for now, I am not going to be able to get a lesson from her. Darn. Perhaps this timing was not right for a reason (the universe works in mysterious ways sometimes). I think I'll watch for other events in the area and try to get to know the Ottawa and Quebec folks if possible. There are some PNH New Yorkers but, they are all much farther away. It is difficult being part of the lonely PNHrs club! I have a woman nearby that may rent me the use of her indoor arena through the winter (and I can easily haul there--like 10 minutes away). She does nothing with any form of natural horsemanship herself but is apparently nice and willing to let people use her place so I am going to call her. I will study my materials and take the time it takes to get to know Lola, work through each step, and should be okay until I can get to a future clinic or lesson.


Anonymous said...

Stupid that we don't have transporters yet so you and I and Clare can't teleport ourselves and our horses to each others' places once a week.

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Definately! Beam me (and my horse) up, Scotty! :)

Lisa said...

I count myself as one of the fortunate ones. I was introduced to PNH by my first instructor. She owned the barn where I boarded my first horse and it was a totally pro-Parelli atmosphere. When I moved Cricket, the barn owner tolerated Parelli. Now I'm at a totally natural barn owned by a L3/4 student. I live in an area with an almost abnormally high population of PNH students. My best friends are L3/4 students and we are able to share our journey.

To top it off, we are only about 90 minutes south of Carol Coppinger, 5 star Master Instructor. Talk about blessed!

My heart goes out to anyone struggling alone.

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

I am so happy for you Lisa. I wish I had what you do. I am however, ever thankful for my online PNH friends. :)


Lisa said...

On the flip side, there are downfalls. The support is wonderful but there is the idea of "too many cooks." It can also introduce a lot of static into a personal journey. Always seeing someone else, hearing about other people's progress, etc.

I've come to enjoy retreating into cyber-Parelli for a little re-centering.