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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lola Songs, Meaning, and More

Ok, so I am bored and restless. I worked hard all day at the office, took care of the critters this morning and evening, took Rick to dinner, worked on my French for a few hours, did laundry, checked email, and should probably be in bed sleeping. Anyhow, so here are a few useless things with the name Lola.
I found out that Lola was named after her pervious owner's favorite Lola song, by Chris Smither, "Lookin for my Lola."

By the way, plans have changed and I don't go to get Lola until Friday.

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Songs with the Name Lola

Hello Lola by Mound City Blue Blowers
"Ich bin die fesche Lola", a german song performed by Marlene Dietrich in Blue Angel.
"Lola", a song by The Kinks
"Lola" from Wow by Superbus
"Lola", a song by The Coasters
"Lola", a French song sung by the Israeli singer Dana International
"Lola", a Filipino song composed, recorded, and performed by Willy San Juan under HHP Records 1994
"Lola Leave Your Light On" from Deja Voodoo by Gov't Mule
"Whatever Lola Wants", popular song written by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross for the musical play Damn Yankees

*Not in the title but Copacobana is the one with "Her name was Lola she was a showgirl"

Meanings of the Name Lola

Lola is a Spanish name, short for Dolores, in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows; its diminutive is Lolita.
Lola is a synonym for a grandmother with Filipino background.
Lola is a Greek variant of Theodora.

Lola (given name), a female given name popular in several languages
Lola is short for Omolola and Oluwadamilola in Yoruba Omolola means "Child of Wealth" while Oluwadamilola mean "God Gives Me Wealth"
Lola is a Tajik-Farsi female given name
Lola may also be short for given names such has Yolanda and Lourdes
Lola, a Nepalese name given to water balloon used especially in Holi
Lola (given name)

Lola is a feminine given name, a short form of the Spanish name Dolores and German name Aloisia, meaning "sorrows", a name taken from a title of the Virgin Mary: Virgen Maria de los Dolores, or Our Lady of Sorrows.

The short form Lola has been rising in popularity in several countries in the past decade. It was the 270th most popular name for baby girls born in the United States in 2007, up from 279th place in 2006 and 375th place in 2005; was ranked as the 64th most popular name for baby girls in Spain in 2006; was ranked as the 51st most popular name for baby girls in England and Wales in 2007; was the 17th most popular name for baby girls in France in 2004; and was the 20th most popular name for baby girls in Belgium in 2006.

Though the name originated with a title for the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, Lola has also acquired a number of contrasting sensual associations. Authors Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz noted in their 2008 book Cool Names for Babies that the name has a sultry image and that people associate the name with the song "Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets" from the musical Damn Yankees, in which the character of Lola is the Devil's "best homewrecker."[2] The name also has associations with the Irish-born Lola Montez, who became famous in the nineteenth century as an actress, Spanish dancer, courtesan and mistress of King Ludwig I of Bavaria.

Lolita, a diminutive form of the name, is associated with the 1955 novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov about a pedophile's obsession with a 12-year-old girl, Lolita. "Lolita" has since become a term for a sexually precocious young girl. In 1992, 16-year-old Amy Fisher gained notoriety as the "Long Island Lolita" after she shot her much older lover's wife. The name's sexually-charged image is also due to associations with Lola, a 1970 The Kinks song about a young man's encounter with a transvestite named Lola.

The title character in the 1998 German film Run Lola Run may also have raised the name's profile, as has Lola, a clever and inquisitive child character in a recently published series of children's picture books by Lauren Child.

The naming of several children of celebrities in the past decade has increased the popularity of the name. Madonna uses the nickname "Lola" for her daughter Lourdes Leon, born in 1996. Entertainers Kelly Ripa, Chris Rock, Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, Carnie Wilson and Annie Lennox all have daughters named Lola. The name was also used for a granddaughter of Camilla Parker Bowles.

Baby Names Meanings, Lola, from www.babynamespedia.com/meaning/Lola

Lola - Origin and Meaning of the name

[ 2 syll. lo-la, lol-a ] The girl name Lola is pronounced LOWLah KEY. Lola's language of origin is Germanic, Spanish, Latin, and French. It is predominantly used in the Spanish, English, Hawaiian, and Italian languages.
Lola is a pet form of Dolores (English, German, and Spanish) in the English and Spanish languages.
Lola is also a pet form of Lourdes (English and Spanish) in the English, Italian, and Spanish languages.
Lola is also a variant of Charlotte (French, German, Dutch, English, and Scandinavian) in the English language.
Lola is also a variant of Laura (English, German, Hungarian, Italian, and Spanish) in the Hawaiian language.
Lola is also a variant of Caroline (English and French) in the Spanish language. Lolita (pet form in Spanish and English) is a variant of Lola.
Lola is a popular baby girl name, and it is also considered trendy. At the modest height of its usage in 1904, 0.213% of baby girls were given the name Lola. It was #99 in rank then. The baby name has seen a steep drop in popularity since then. In 2008, it ranked at #246 with a usage of 0.068%, somewhat regaining its popularity in the recent decade. Within the family of girl names directly linked to Lola, Charlotte (French, German, Dutch, English, and Scandinavian) was the most regularly used. The name was thrice as popular as Lola in 2008. The name Lola has been primarily given to girls, although it has also been used as a boy name in the last century. In 1902, 38 times as many girls than boys were given the name Lola.
Baby names that sound like Lola include Laia (Catalan), Laila (Arabic, English, German, and Iranian), Lala (Czech), Layla (Arabic and English), Leah (English, Hebrew, and Yiddish), Leela (English and Indian), Lehua (Hawaiian), Leia (English), Leiah (English), Leila (Arabic, English, German, and Iranian), Leilah (Arabic, English, German, and Iranian), Lejla (Slavic), Lela (Spanish and English), Lelah (English), Lelia (Greek and Italian), Lelya (Russian), Leola (English), Leya (English), Leyah (English), and Leyla (Turkish).
KEY: Pronunciation for Lola: L as in "lee (L.IY)" ; OW as in "oat (OW.T)" ; L as in "lee (L.IY)" ; AH as in "hut (HH.AH.T)"
Lola Bunny
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lola as she was seen in Space Jam.
First appearance
Space Jam, 1996
Voiced by
Kath Soucie, Britt McKillip (Baby Looney Tunes)

Baby Lola in Baby Looney Tunes.
Lola Bunny is a cartoon character from Warner Bros. Studios. She is a female rabbit and has been established as having a romantic involvement with Bugs Bunny as well as being his main love interest and girlfriend.
The name Lola comes from the Kinks song of the same name.[citation needed] Lead animators at WB would often listen to music as a source of inspiration for their work.
Lola's first appearance was in the movie Space Jam, in which she is voiced by Kath Soucie. Lola's basketball skills got her a spot on the Toon Squad, in which the Looney Tunes characters battled the villainous Monstars for their freedom, with help from Michael Jordan. The Toon Squad was victorious, and Lola kindled a romance with Bugs. Although she had turned down his earlier advances, she saw him in a new light after he heroically saved her from injury by shoving her out of the path of a belly-flopping Monstar, getting himself painfully squashed under the Monstar's belly.


Lisa said...

Wow. You do have too much time on your hands . . . Speaking of "what Lola wants, Lola gets" do keep in mind that you are acquiring a well-pedigreed RED-HEAD FEMALE!

~ Lisa

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