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Monday, September 21, 2009

A little time to kill

This evening I had a little time and ended up involved in a very fun and interesting play session. I had Morgan (above) on a six foot lease and proceeded to the play ground (our play ground for the horses and dog). I went to see Rick while he completed his weed-wacking work on the fence line. As we walked over the see Rick, the horses showed up and started following us. Then, then took off in a shot, back across the driveway and over to the barn (all in a fenced in area - everything is connected now and they have access to the field, paddock, barn. playground, etc.) Anyhow, I checked in with Rick and decided to play with Morgan and the obstacles. We played with the tired, slalomed the cones, figure eights around the barrels, and worked on heal, sit, etc. You get the picture.

Well, once we got going, the horses (primarily Fosse) started following us and watching. I decided to turn this into a dog online/horse liberty session. It was great fun! Morgan and I worked through all of the obstacles, ventured across the driveway and back over to the front paddock (another obstacle course over there), to the barn, etc. The horses followed, Fosse performed some liberty tasks, Whiskey too, the dog and horses got to meet and kiss a little as well. I would sometimes ask Morgan to sit next to me and just ask Fosse for something, then Whiskey, other times, I'd do a task with Morgan and Fosse would follow and copy what we did (like going through the tires or over a log). Both horses would follow and we even played a little catching game where I'd go away from them and they would follow, catch me, then we'd turn and follow them, etc. Hard to explain but fun. Oh, and the barn kitties Ed and Anita were there for the entire play time and followed us from place to place as well playing and having a great time. (I sure got a lot of walking in!) Anyhow, it was fun, spontaneous, and a creative use of our time. You just never know what a play session might be!

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