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Sunday, September 20, 2009

A little bit of kismet...Meet My New Partner Lola

This is Lola (notice her feet--all floating on air!).

Another photo of Lola...look at that gorgeous mane!

Fate has a funny way of working and it seems that the Universe was listening to my heart even though I only, so very slightly, opened the door. As some of you know I've been concerned about how I might continue on my horsemanship journey with Fosse and Whiskey. Don't get me wrong, I love them dearly, will continue to play and make progress with them, they aren't going anywhere. But, their limitations (Fosse medical and Whiskey mental) may cause my goal of achieving level 4 to be a dream rather than a reality. If you go back and review the so-called old level 3, Pat specifically addresses the need to have the right horse to get through the levels before going back and developing other horses. It seems I've been doing it all backwards (no surprise really, my mom says I've always gone about things the hard way). And, I know there are many of you out there in the same predicament.

Another photo of Lola, is she sleeping?
After the St. Jude's experience, I was regrouping and trying to figure out my next step in my horsemanship journey. I have to truly thank two people for giving me permission to look for another horse. My thoughts at the time were, okay, how can I make this work with Fosse and Whiskey. To be honest, I'd been feeling like I was either doomed to be in limbo with my horsemanship or, that it was going to continue to be an uphill battle, one where I never knew what to expect around each turn, one that was becoming very draining. I was very resistant at the idea of taking on a third horse. (And if I did take one on, no rescues, no head-cases, I needed a true, viable partner.) Clare and Diane, two natural horse women in my life really took the time to communicate to me that it was okay and probably a good idea to find a new partner, that I was not giving up on my other horses, and that it was allowed! They continued with the thought that things don't always work out the way you plan, and that it is okay to evaluate and make a new plan. I was really reluctant to even consider another horse still. Another natural horse friend, Tammy, took me out to lunch and bought me a great greeting card to help me feel better about the St. Jude's event.

So, I joking, light-heartedly, secretly, started looking on the Savvy Club Forum and Dreamhorse.com, just to see what was out there. Just to prove that there was nothing and that I was only going to have two horses, Fosse and Whiskey. That I didn't need to play with other people's horses, and that my two were it.

Pretty, pretty, Lola.

The idea of getting another horse made me nervous and made me feel guilty for even thinking about it. I didn't want to give up on Fosse or Whiskey, I didn't want them to think I didn't love them, and I also am not a quitter and didn't want people or my horses to think I was quitting. My good friends were able to make me understand that I was not quitting and that my time to find a new partner was here.
"Her name was Lola, she was a show girl!" (Clare's song for Lola.) I love it!

I started looking like I said but frankly, nothing was clicking. Then, another friend asked me about a Parelli clinic slot that was open. She wanted to know if I wanted it or if anyone I knew might. My reply was, "I don't know anyone who'd take your place and I don't have a horse that would work for a clinic at the moment ( I have two inappropriate horses...a realization I've come to believe unfortunately. One has possible potential, the other needs a psychiatrist.) LOL." Little did I know, I had opened the door to the Universe's ability to make everything change, my life was going to change, and I didn't know it, kismet I believe.

My friend responded that she had a wonderful 3 year old, very pretty, very sweet, QH filly who is meant for a Parelli person (and she sent a few photos). And, she thought we'd be a nice match. She talked about how finding her perfect partner (a beautiful Morgan) changed her life and her progress leaped in huge strides, and that she was happy. I cannot say that at this particular moment that I was happy. I had been avoiding playing with the horses since that fateful Sunday, I called it taking a break.

She wondered if I'd be coming her way any time soon (she is near my mom down state) but, I said no, nothing in the near future as travel can be complicated with all of our critters and my demanding schedule. Anyhow, I basically dropped the issue but had this horse on my mind, all of the time. I figure that when things are meant to be, they happen so, I figured this was not something that would happen. I continued to look at horses and decided that I probably would just stick with Fosse and Whiskey and work something out (what I didn't know).

Lola doing yo-yo game.

Then, I received an email that said, "Do you want me to try and get a video of Lola?" I was being pursued and responded that I would love to see one but was clear that I didn't know about getting her. However, I could not get Lola out of my mind though and I knew I wanted to see more. She then sent the first two photos in this post (where Lola looks really red). I told my friend that I was hooked. We continued to discuss her back and forth. I knew I wanted her and that her owner wanted me to have her, she seemed like the perfect fit, the perfect horse, the perfect partner. (I'm going to leave out all of the financial stuff--private treaty folks, sorry).

This is Lola's dam.

So yesterday, I sent another email and was waiting to hear back about how all of this would work out. I was watching a Katie Drake Music Video (Pat is in it) of her song "In Your Shoes." It is a wonderful song and as I was listening, was thinking about my horses, about Lola, about my journey. Then, I received an e-mail message that said, "She's yours if you want her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (among other things). Our terms were all in agreement, I had a new horse, and her name was Lola!

Well, as you can imagine, the tears just started to flow! I looked up from my computer and said to Rick, "She's ours" and began crying. I never did this with any other horse in my life. I was (and am) so excited! I never expected to feel this way, it is incredible. Everything came together, I can say that I didn't expect to have a new horse (and definately not this fast). But, I know it is right, I can feel it.

So, this is my new beautiful horse, Lola. I love her looks and she is "almost Arab looking" which definitely fits the looks of a horse I desire. She was born with her current owner present and has had Parelli in her life from the beginning. I'm told she seems to be a LBI with no RB tendencies. I look forward to discovering her horsenality myself though, you never know what you might find! I'm hoping to see some LBE too. Lola is fully registered. Her dam is Smart as Hickory (Smart Little Lena/Doc's Hickory) and sire is Friendly Leo (anyone have a photo of Friendly Leo?). Smart Little Lena & Doc's Hickory are grandfathers on mare side and on dad's is the Leo/King line out of Canada...all really top Quarter Horse lines. She was with Craig Johnson for two months getting a good foundation and reining experience. I plan to go to level 4 with her and then pick our sport. I really lean towards hunter/jumper, endurance, and dressage. Maybe we can dabble in all of it including reining (I just have to learn what reining is LOL). And, I bet there are other sports I have not considered. The sky is the limit I believe. For now though, I'll just get to know her and once she is settled, once we are ready, get back to official assessments.

I'm in love with this horse and I have not even met her yet (kind of like online dating I guess). Normally I would not buy a horse in this manner but, I know her owner and trust her impeccably. She is looking out for me and for Lola, how nice is that? I simply love the Parelli community and am honored to be a part of it.

Another one of momma!

Rick and I are picking Lola up on Wednesday morning. There was a NCPPG Play Date scheduled for today (I coordinated it). I decided to not attend the play date so that I can make sure the fences are all in good order, get out the extra buckets, and move out wall in the barn, not to mention clean the barn and paddock, chores! This is the wall that we put up for the hay. We are going to unstack all of the hay, move the wall, and expand the horse area in the barn to be sure she has plenty of room with the boys. (As you know, our lives revolve around our animals). I was asked to cancel the play date because I was not going to attend (and run it). But, it seems the folks that were planning to attend had other things to do anyway and are very understanding about why I cannot attend.

So, I guess that is it, the beginning of a new partnership in my life, to another leg of this wonderful journey, natural horsemanship.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
She looks really lovely! What a nice girl. :)

I am so glad that things have worked out and you and Lola are going to get together. Sometimes things are just meant to happen.

Lets see some videos when you get her home and get to know her. I am sure she will make you a wonderful partner!

Judy from Canada

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Hi Judy--

Thanks! She is a beauty and I am really happy to have her coming into my life. Fate definately has a place here.

I finally have the video camera issues all worked out so you'll definately be seeing video.

I can barely contain my excitement (if I am at all).


Naturally Gaited said...

I'd never really listened to that Katie Drake song before. It brought tears to my eyes! I'll have to get that CD.

Best wishes on your new girl. May all your dreams come true!

Ark said...

Wow! Lola is gorgeous!! Congrats on finding your new partner...the Universe is certainly working for you!...:-)


The Pet Chatter said...

Congratulations, Michelle. She is a beauty. It sounds as if law of attraction kicked in to bring you the perfect partner. I look forward to hearing about your journey.


Lisa said...

She is gorgeous. And her name totally fits her. I am so happy for you. Cannot wait to hear about this new branch on your savvy tree.


Lauren Lee said...

Hi Michelle - I am so happy for you! You shifted and the Universe responded! I recently went through a similar experience, realizing my rescue horse was not going to work for me in the short-term and was stalling my horsemanship journey. I now have a fabulous Arabian partner, Destin, with whom I am growing leaps and bounds! And believe it or not, it's improved my relationship with my rescue Arabian! It takes courage to realize that the path to the goal needs to change and to let the new path emerge. You are BRAVE! Hope Lola is everything you hope for AND MORE! Naturally, Lauren in TX

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Hi Lisa--I love it, "the savvy tree." Very cool. You KNOW I'll keep you posted! LOL

Lauren--Thanks for sharing your story with me and for your support. I can barely contain my excitment at this new leg on my journey (or as Lisa says, branch). Whatever it is, it feels right!


Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

I've been having a conversation with a friend who thought I may not be getting the right horse. I realized that my post had some holes. Here is a bit of what I wrote. I hope this fills in some gaps. (PS. I posted this but deleted it by accident.)

"I want to start by thanking you for reading my blog and having the willingness to respond to me. The time you have taken is exceptional. I appreciate your feedback very much. (And, you certainly don't have to pound sand! LOL)

I understand your concerns but perhaps some of the picture I painted was unclear or missing holes. I've been around horses my entire life. I understand your concern over a young horse. My friend (her current owner) is more than willing to take her back if things do not work out. She knows me and my talents, she know Lola, and sees a perfect fit. she is also very active in the parelli circles so we have a common ground there too.

I understand the young horse's limitations as well (my two were not started right away either--I know what you are talking about). I am actually a confident, competent, and fearlesss horse person. Wilbur my TB, not the easiest horse in the world was a great partner (once I redeveloped him) and we did all kinds of upper level stuff 9although not officially assessed on this stuff). (I no longer have him.) I am also very comfortable with starting youngsters (she is started but needs more time in her development/training/call it what you will--and at a fair pace for her development--I will be talking to my veterinarian too). I happen to have a horse (Whiskey-gelding) that is extremely, unusually, unpredictable, and extremely difficult - at times - other times he is a perfect angel- that is the problem--which horse do you have? it can change in an instant! I can read it, I can see it coming, and it is a problem! (ask Clare Evans about him--he is VERY unique and VERY introverted). I am not looking for robot horse, a husband horse, or whatever you call it. If Fosse didn't have the heart condition, I'd have been doing more with him and he's a year younger than Whiskey (but older than Lola).

I guess I am looking for one that I can play with the will go on this journey willingly? I don't really know how to respond (email can be difficult) but I have to say that this seems right, if it is not I have an out, and I truly and genuinely appreciate your concern. The timing is crazy really, and not expected. I don't normally jump at things but this all just seems right for me and for Lola and so, you only live once, why not give it a try. Probably none of this is the best response, it is hard to say it all in such a short venue."

Anonymous said...

Yay! It's gonna be great -- and your relationships with Fosse and Whiskey will improve, I bet, because of course they sense the underlying tension that you tried not to feel or show them. The pressure is off of them (not that you intended or even consciously put pressure on!) and Lola looks like she's begging for the pressure of partnership. She reminds me of the Atwood youngsters I saw at the Reno celebration. A young horse with a Parelli foundation is not the same as a young horse without a Parelli foundation -- and your horsemanship is ready for this. (Though I applaud your friend for having the courage to speak up with concerns -- it's hard to do that when one's friend is soooo excited but one has legitimate worries!)

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Hi Horsegirl! I agree with you an all points. The pressure is off of me too really. I can have a fresh perspective and a clean slate. I also applaud my friend for bringing up the hard questions, jsut in case I missed them.

Support, the best part of our Parelli community. (Or one of the best anyway.)


Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Hi Horsegirl! I agree with you an all points. The pressure is off of me too really. I can have a fresh perspective and a clean slate. I also applaud my friend for bringing up the hard questions, jsut in case I missed them.

Support, the best part of our Parelli community. (Or one of the best anyway.)


Lisa said...

I was thinking about the "young horse not the best partner" angle. But I know just enough about you to believe you are capable of bring along a young horse.

There are two ways to take this journey and neither is wrong. An "easy" horse develops your savvy faster so you can move on to more difficult horses and increase your depth. A "difficult" horse develops your savvy slower but with more depth so when you move on to another horse things go faster.

If your goal is L4 then you need a L4 quality horse. Whiskey is your L4 project horse. If Lola is the right partner then you will sail to L4 and then have more to offer Whiskey.

~ Lisa

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Hi Lisa--I like it, Lola is the L4 horse and Whiskey the L4 project. Very nice.