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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Got Dumped - LOL

Today, I rode in the Marathon Endurance saddle my friend Clare sent me. I think I need to shim the front because it tips me forward too much. So soon after we headed to the field, Whiskey spooked sideways and downward, fast-- I got dumped. I am fine though, just a little rope burn on my fingers from trying to hang onto the reins. He went away from me, not too far, and then turned, faced, and I signaled for him to come, he did rather than running to Fosse at the barn- a good thing I think. I remounted and did approach and retreat and let him graze. I think we are doing ok but it would be nice to just go do WTC and trail without all the work! But, I am committed (or should be lol) and won't give up. St Judes ride is this weekend, I will try to ride but will hand walk if necessary--I don't think it will be though but I'd rather have a plan in my mind instead of feeling disappointed if something goes differntly than I'd prefer. LOL

Does anyone know how to stay on during a surprise sideways, downward spook? Or even just a fast sideways spook? My horse was there and then, he wasn't! LOL (This happened to me once before, a firrerent horse, bareback, in a field. Turkeys flew out in his face. He went one way and I went down--darn I hate gravity sometimes! LMAO


Lisa said...

The best thing is to have a relaxed and balanced seat that just follows your horse's movement. Cricket has a couple different spooks and lately it's been a "drop and sideways." The more relaxed I am, the easier it is to drop with her and let her carry me sideways. Since there's no real bolt in her, it turns out okay. It's when she lunges forward a few steps that I lose my connection.

A good saddle, a relaxed seat and connection with the horse are the best tools I know for riding a spook.

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Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Hi Lisa--Thanks for your feedback. I really should have dismounted and fixed the saddle from tipping me forward--oh duh. LOL