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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Feeling Empowered Again - Thanks for the support

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Just some random thoughts after reading the posts on the SC forum and those sent to me privately regarding my post, Where is my horse journey going? Should I continue? Should I give up?

My conclusion is that YES Parelli is definately working for me and YES I've made tons of leaps and progress, and YES I still love it and YES Whiskey is complicated and NO I am not out of my depth. I think that I need to be more aware of this, to remember his thresholds, and to remember all of the good stuff that CLEARLY outweigh the bad stuff. I really love this horse and we've had a ton of fun.

I am ready to get on with my journey, put in more time and be sure I am taking the time it really takes. I suspect that some of my expectations were unrealistic when looking at the entire picture.

I am also feeling empowered and allowed (if you will) to pursue my levels (an important piece for me, a measure, an assessment that I desire) with Fosse AND Whiskey. There really is no reason I cannot work with both on the official stuff too (oh duh - I should have realized this long ago) but, knowing that they are different and our progress will be different. That is the reality of things. (I "do" PNH with both but was only assessing with one horse.)

(I'm also secretly keeping a small part of myself open to the idea of a new partner as well but, not looking--or trying not to anyway. LOL)

Thanks for the push to think about this even folks.


Anonymous said...

well that'll teach me to wait before i comment- i was trying to think of exactly the right thing to say - but everyone else beat me to it.

i am glad you are feeling better and empowered and allowed! you have done *amazing* things with your horses and the horses you rehabbed & rehomed. i don't know if you realize how much of a horseman you really are. such a tiny percent of people with horses could have come so far with whiskey, and if you go back through your previous post you will see that not only did you do everything right and natural, you returned home with a calm and 'normal self' horse, which would not have happened had you rushed or allowed embarrassment or peer pressure to infect your relationship.

i think it's great that you will expand your levels partnership to include fosse. as you say, he could have a heart attack at any moment, so how wonderful for him that he gets to share his life with you and have a purpose and never-ending development, as long as he is with us. for all you know he'll live to be 36, and will take you to level 5! in fact, he will, because no matter what happens, he is teaching you, and his contribution to your journey will always be there.

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Thank you SO MUCH for you wonderful and inspiring words. You, my savvy freinds are a huge part of my journey. I couldn't do it without you! *HUGS*

Lisa said...

Isn't wonderful when the sun breaks through the clouds and we see things with more clarity and more truthfulness?

It's often hard, in the middle of all the difficulties, to see just how far you have come.

I would seriously look into the possibility of a Magnesium supplement for Whiskey. I don't believe in the "magic bullet." Lord knows I've been searching for one for Cricket. I do believe that the stress Cricket feels depletes her body of key nutrients. To help her manage things, I need to ensure she's getting enough of what she needs to effectively deal with the stress she feels. So I've added a theraputic dose of magnesium (as recommended by leading research on equine headshaking). I've learned some interesting things about Mg and I'm hopeful this will provide some much needed relief to my little mare. Just something to consider.

~ Lisa

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Lisa, I love this line, "Isn't wonderful when the sun breaks through the clouds and we see things with more clarity and more truthfulness?" very nice indeed.

I'll look into the supplement. I feed Purina Ultium (or Emerald Superior wwhen I cannot get it) and really nice hay so I don't think there is a deficiency. In any event, I am all into research so thanks for the homework!

Lisa said...

I have Cricket on a custom nutrition program because I became very dissatisfied with "complete feeds." I wasn't feeding at the recommended levels and I didn't feel Cricket was getting the nutrition she needed.

I switched to plain oats and Dynamite products a few years ago and I've never looked back.

However, in my headshaking research I found out that oats are a central nervous system stimulant. Hmm, how interesting.

I found that horses in regions with clay soils are often deficient in Mg. Mg plays a role in digestion, helping the horse clear glucose from the blood following a meal. When there isn't enough Mg, the GI tract steals it from the muscles.

Muscles require both calcium and magnesium to contract (Ca) and relax (Mg knocks loose the Ca an allows the muscle to relax). Ca can inhibit the absorption of Mg causing an imbalance.

Mg can be fed in high doses with no evidence of toxicity. The excess is shed. It's important to have free access to water and horses may experience loose stool on high Mg doses.

Cricket gets timothy hay pellets, her Dynamite and other supplements and a probiotic. We shall see if the additional Mg helps with her headshaking.

Just a synopsis on what I've learned in the last few days!